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Unified Earth Government
Political information
Type of government

Democratic Republic

Founding document

United Nations


United Nations Charter

Head of State


Legislative branch

UEG General Assembly

Societal information

Brussels, European Union, Earth

Official language

English, Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish, Various Others


United Nations Credit (cR)

State religious body


National holiday

Unification Day

Historical information
Formed from

October 10, 2170

Date of establishment

January 1, 2171


The Unified Earth Government (UEG) is the supreme government of Earth and all her colonies. The military arm of the UEG is the United Nations Space Command Defense Force, and the subordinate Colonial Administration Authority governs the colonies.


Following World War I, the nations of Earth formed an organization known as the League of Nations. The nations that composed the League had high aspirations; however, the League failed due to a variety of factors. But, the concept of a multinational organization striving for the end to all war was not forgotten, and after World War II, the United Nations was born. Their mission was to "facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and working towards world peace".

As the decades went on, more and more nations joined the UN, but they were unwilling to give up their sovereignty, even in the light of successful continental organizations like the European Union. This would all change in the 22nd Century, as Humanity realized that Earth was just too small for the rapidly growing population. Humanity set their sights on their own solar system, colonizing Mars and the Jovian Moons in short order. However, this fragile situation soon broke down into war, with the United Nations battling the Koslovics, the Frieden, and later the Neo-Friedenists.

In the opening months of the war, the UN launched the Jovian Moons campaign after several Frieden rebels attacked UN colonial advisors on Io. A bloody engagement followed, which led to even more proxy wars across the Sol System, leading up the Rain Forest Wars. Even though the South American rain forest was starting to return, it was still a site of heavy corporate activity. When the Koslovics attacked the Frieden, it led to a series of bloody battles between the two. The amounts of causalities would cause the UN to intervene, leading to even more strife. The next year, the UN launched the Argyre Planitia Campaign on Mars. This would lead to the first extraterrestrial deployment of UN Marines by the UN Navy.

In 2164, the UN recruitment drives were successful, and the UN crushed the Koslovics and the Frieden. The UN military would transform into the United Nations Space Command Defense Force, and in the light of the bloody conflict, the nations of the Earth banded together. It would be the first, truly one-world government, and they appropriately named it the Unified Earth Government.

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