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Valley Forge
Valley Forge
Production information


Technical specifications

1192 meters

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

2.1L/y day


Resistant to 2+ Plasma Torpedoes


Archer Missiles Pods, MAC cannon, 50mm point defense guns (speculation)


Pelican Dropships


Captain Sam Heroi


Skirmish of the Eagle Nebula


United Nations Space Command


One of the few new, freshly made Marathon-class Cruisers, the Valley Forge was a member of Taskforce Avenger that was destroyed during the Skirmish of the Eagle Nebula.



In 2525, the Covenant began their invasion of human space. During this time, Marathon class cruisers were far from plentiful, making up approximately only 10% of the fleet. During thr early conflicts, many of these ships were destroyed, and as a result, the remaining ships were pulled back to defend the inner colonies more and more. Due to a lack of raw materials, not many of these ships were produced, but some were. The UNSC Valley Forge was one of these ships.


In 2550, construction began on the first Marathon-class cruiser built in ten years. The Valley Forge was constructed for close to two years in the dry docks around Reach, taking longer than normal due to shortages of materials. Construction finished in august of 2552, and the ship was placed in a force that was regularlly stationed around Reach, Taskforce Avenger.


The Valley Forge first saw combat on August 30th, 2552, when the Covenant invaded the system. Under orders from Admiral John Stevenson, the Valley Forge joined in the defense of the system, but broke off when the lines were breached. Admiral John Stevenson led the Taskforce out of system, and jumped to the Eagle Nebula, so that they could then jump to Earth and warn the UNSC of Reach's demise.

However, when Taskforce Avenger exited slipspace in the nebula, they were ambushed by two Covenant Supercarriers. Fierce combat broke out, as deadly fire was exchanged by the two forces. The first casualty was a Covenant Super carrier, but the Danas, the flagship of the fleet, was soon destroyed. The captain of the ship, Captain Sam Heroi, was left in charge of the fleet. He ordered the Deadalis to break off and escape, while he attacked the remaining supercarrier. While SPARTAN-458, 459, and 500 protected the ship from boarders, Heroi rammed the remaining Covenant ship and sacrificed himself.