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UNSC 2nd Assault Insignia
UNSC Second Assault Fleet
Unit Background

Assault Fleet


900 000 Marines, ODSTs, and crewmen

Unit Motto

Glory or a glorious death

Unit size

100 UNSC Vessels

Current Commander

Fleet Admiral Stephen Chow

Current Status



Pre-Gemni Belt History

Battle Scene

The UNSC Second Assault Fleet is commanded by Admiral Steven Chow and it's flagship is the UNSC Super Carrier Spitfire. The UNSC Second Assault Fleet was made up of 100 ships and had over 100,000 men and women. The job of the fleet was to find and destroy any Covenant ship and to take the fight to the Covenant. It was nearly destroyed after engaging the Covenant Fleet of Divine Beyond. The remainder of the ships where last seen leaving Installation 07. There are 5 ships left: The UNSC Nova, The UNSC Sherman, The UNSC Luftwaffe, The UNSC Spitfire, and The UNSC Hurricane. Until recently where in reward for their actions at Installation 07 they were given a new Prowler: The Shadow of Nightmares.


The UNSC Second Assault Fleet is commanded by Fleet Admiral Stephen Chow. Its flaghsip is the UNSC Spitfire. The UNSC Second Assault Fleet is currently the largest fleet in the UNSC. It often sends taskforces to aid other UNSC fleets in battle. They are well known for never giving up in battle. As a result they were given the nickname shock troopers and their ship are always the first to engage the enemy. They will often have the SPARTAN-II team Lambada Squad assigned to their taskforces.

Mission History

Known Ships

Known Units

Although the UNSC Second Assault Fleet is itself a unit of the UNSCDF, it has its own specialized units assigned to it, varying from standard UNSCMC personnel to NavSpecWar and Intelligence units.

Space Units

Ground Units


Command Structure