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Marathon class
UNSC Road Runner
Production information

Marathon mark II


Galarium Heavy Engineering

Technical specifications

1500 meters


367 meters


501 meters

Engine unit(s)
  • 1 prototype magnatomic system
  • 1 supply reactor core
Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

6.3 LY/D


prototype mark I


hight performance titanium (2.5 meters)

Targeting systems

Galarium forward toward system (can target without visual)

  • Modified Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (3)
  • Shiva Missiles (15) one tube on the top of the ship
  • Archer Missile Pods (68) 38 each side
  • 50mm auto-cannons (76) 38 each side
  • Gauss cannon(50) 25 each side
  • 200 moray space mines
  • 54 Warthogs
  • 12 Mongooses
  • 30 Pelicans
  • 12 Longswords
  • 12 Shortswords
  • 11 Sparrowhawks
  • 12 Skyhawks
  • 689 Crewmen
  • 1 Captain
  • 1 AI
  • 1200 marines (a regiment of troops)
  • a spartan unit
  • 30 ODST
Other systems
  • Fire wall computer system

Flagship Of the 14th Nomad Fleet





Io moon

Io, the construction site of the ships.

The Road Runner got its name from a old cartoon of 20th century. This is the faster cruiser in the UNSC arsenal, built in orbit above Io, a moon of Jupiter by Galuriun Heavy Engineering, its conception took more than 8 years. It is considered to be the equivalent of the covenant CAR-class cruiser. Also this is the first of this new generation of warships, now equipped with a shielding system able to resist to direct hit with 40 plasma torpedoes.

states of service

Immediately after is construction, the Road Runner was put in charge of the 14th Nomad fleet. As a flagship it received a SPARTAN unit (normally a single ship received one SPARTAN). The Road Runner has taken weapons in many battle for a unknown reason, as these battles have been classified. Now in the head of the 14th Nomad fleet, the UNSC can hope to win this war with this new generation of warships. It was finally decommissioned in 2603.

Shielding system

The shielding of his warship is the same of the Spartan except more rapid recharging. The shield as be built to resist to 40 impact with a plasma torpedo. This is the main core reactor that aliment the shield, thus if the reactors are down the shield is down.


The Road Runner have received many weapons such as 3 modified MAC cannons, 15 Shiva missiles in a tube on the top of the ship, 68 Archer missile pods, 36 each side, 76 50mm auto-cannons, 38 each side, and 50 Gauss cannons, 25 each side.