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UNSC Nautilus
Production information

Marathon-class Cruiser

Technical specifications

1192 meters

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity

2.1 light-years/day (estimated)


Titanium-A Battle Plate

  • 3 Magnetic Accelerator Cannons
  • 75 Archer missile pods
  • 2 Shiva Nuclear Warheads
  • 80 50mm MLA-Auto Cannons
  • 8 Pelicans
  • 36 Longswords
  • 140 ODSTs
    • Major Terry Jones
    • Sergeant Major Ding Chavez
  • 1 Spartan-II (Kyle-100)
Present for battles/events

Battle of Miridem, Seige of Paris IV,

Fall of Reach



Known commander(s)

Terry Jones, Vysar Tar 'Xztanee



The UNSC Nautilus is a Marathon-class Cruiser, now under the command of Major Terry Jones. The ship lost most of it's command crew during the Battle of Reach, Major Jones was the highest ranking soldier left on board. So until the UNSC can get a replacement command crew and Captain, Major Jones is in command.


The UNSC Nautilus was first commissioned to Admiral Terrance Griffiths. After sustaining server damage in an ambush on the Covenant, the ship was sent back to Reach for repairs. During the repairs, Admiral Griffiths went to a another ship, forgetting about the Nautilus. So command of the Nautilus was tranferred to another Captain. Then the Nautilus was sent to join a battlegroup preparing to jump to Miridem, as there were reports of the Covenant in that system.

Terry getting into a HEV.

Once over Miridem, the UNSC Nautilus launched several waves of HEVs, Terry was among those to go. The HEVs touched down and they soon lost contact between the ground forces and the naval forces in space. However, the UNSC Nautilus had problems of it's own, the battlegroup was being engaged by the Covenant fleet. The UNSC battlegroup numbered 31 vessels, while the Covenant numbered 23 ships. The numbers were in their favor, but the Covenant had two unusually large ships with them, the ships were deemed Assault Carriers. The Nautilus was the most powerful UNSC vessel in the engagement, except for maybe the carrier.

The UNSC Nautilus at Paris IV.

After several hours of combat the UNSC finally ordered a retreat when the ODST ground forces were able to re-establish communications, reporting severe losses. Terry had radioed in for extraction and after 29 minutes, several Pelicans picked up the remaining ODSTs. The UNSC battlegroup, only 12 ships remaining, jumped system away from the Covenant fleet. Miridem was soon glassed by the Covenant forces. After several days of repairs, the Nautilus was put back into combat.

The UNSC Nautilus was then sent to aid in the defence of Paris IV. Arriving half way through the battle, although the Nautilus still saw plenty of combat. Once in position, the UNSC Nautilus mainly defended the main evac center, making sure all the evac vessels made it past the Covenant forces.

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