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RvB frigate FFG

UNSC Mother of Invention participating in atmospheric operations

UNSC Mother of Invention (FFG-636)
Production information

Remembrance-class frigate


Chevron Aerospace/Reyes-McLees Shipyards

Technical specifications







Pre-2561 refit: twin linked Mark X FURY deuterium fusion reactors
Post-refit: twin linked Mark XVI TEMPEST advanced fusion reactors

Slipspace Drive

Mark 29 translight engine

Shielding system

Pre-2561 refit: not equipped
Post-refit: six linked Mark XVI AURORA Projected Energy Barrier System


pre-2561 refit:

  • plasma-refractive coating
  • 20cm ceramic armour plating
  • 60cm Titanium-A battleplate
  • underlying shock-absorbing plates


layered modular/fixed armour (800mm)

  • RADAR absorbant, UV/LADAR distorting coating
  • energy-reactive regenerative nanomaterial
  • alternating ceramic/CVT/Titanium alloy plates, silicon carbide backing
  • ceramic chevron plates/plasma resistant polymer
  • secondary ceramic/CVT/Titanium alloy plate
  • plasma-resistant resin-impregnated carbon nanofibre
  • Boron Carbide/Titanium Carbide/CVT/Titanium ceramic plate

AN/SLE-311 decoy launcher (1)


Navy Embarked Force:

Marine Shipboard Unit (770 men/57 vehicles):

  • Ground Combat Element (450 personnel):
    • 1 Marine rifle company (200 men)
    • 1 tank platoon (4 M6A1 Raiders)
    • 1 mechanised infantry platoon (70 men, 8 M32 Warriors)
    • 1 combat engineer platoon (50 men)
    • 1 light reconnaissance platoon (15 M12 Warthogs)
    • 1 reconnaissance platoon (50 men)
    • 2 ODST platoons (40 men, 48 SOEIVs)
  • Air Combat Element (70 men):
  • Command/Logistics Element (250 men)
  • 652 naval personnel (55 officers, 597 enlisted)
  • 75 naval flight technicians and flight crew

Human-Covenant War
Remnant War

  • escort and protection of larger vessels
  • deployment of ground forces
  • extended patrol and rapid response duties

April 28, 2519


United Nations Space Command


UNSC Mother of Invention (FFG-636) was a Remembrance-class frigate in service with the United Nations Space Command Navy during the Human-Covenant War. Mother of Invention was commissioned in April 2519, and was stationed in the Sol system for much of her early operational life, accounting for her long service. Mother of Invention primarily operated long range patrols around Sol, policing the system against criminal and insurrectionist activity, and finally saw combat against the Covenant in late 2552. In that year, she fought at the Battle of Earth, where she survived the destruction of the UNSC Home Fleet, and became one of the UNSC's few operational vessels left in the system. From 2553 onwards, Mother of Invention served in the Remnant War.

By the end of the Human-Covenant War, Mother of Invention had seen hard use without any significant refit or repair and was worn out, especially her propulsion systems. She was placed in reserve in February 2554, and scrapped in 2562.