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RelentlessRecusant Marine in 16 Against Smoke
UNSC Marine Force Reconnaissance
Unit Background
  • Special reconnaissance
  • Direct action
  • Counterterrorirsm
  • Covert Action
Unit size


Current Status



UNSC Marine Force Reconnaissance (FORCE RECON) is a special operations force of the UNSC Special Operations Command and the UNSC Marine Corps.

FORCE RECON is a versatile special forces group capable of special reconnaissance, direct action, counterterrorism, and covert operations. FORCE RECON is typically viewed as the UNSC Marine Corps's pocket version of the UNSC Navy's elite UNSC Naval Special Warfare, although FORCE RECON often has more legitimate military operations and had less associations with the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence. FORCE RECON operators are amongst the most experienced and technically-advanced in the Marine Corps, and it draws its ranks from other Marine special-missions groups such as Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Corps (ODST) as well as UNSC Forward Airborne Reconnaissance (FARSIGHT).

Known Personnel

Behind the Scenes

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