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"The Lord Hood represents a fundamental change in how the UNSC operates. No longer are ships constrained by where the nearest port is. The Port comes to them."
―Vice Admiral Mira Bursan.

The UNSC Lord Hood is a mobile starbase utilised by the UNSC for military operations. The largest object ever constructed by the UNSC, the Lord Hood would form a vital Lynchpin in UNSC strategic planning, and become a vital component in humanity’s ongoing struggle against the Covenant. Fulfilling the role of starbase, shipyard, and resupply facility, the UNSC Lord Hood could simultaneously keep several fleets in working order, far from home.




The Lord Hood was designed, and used, as a mobile battle station, staying within a short jump of the front line to repair, rearm, and resupply warships coming to and from the front. Possessing enough docking facilities to host two fleets simultaneously, it can enact resupply, and repair functions. Because of its history as a titanium mine, it can be directly mined, then processed, and manufactured into armour plates. It also possesses manufacturing facilities to build weapons, armour, aircraft, and ammunition, processing the necessary materials to create ammunition for warships. It can also house substantial troop numbers, acting as a shore base for tired crews, garrison for military forces, and command centre.

Lastly, it possesses surprising amounts of armour and weaponry, with external cannons, missile batteries, energy weapons, and gravitational plates, and internal hangers.

Warships of the UNSCDF Navy

Stealth Vessels
Minerva-class Prowler | Cerberus-class Strike Prowler | Obsidian-class Heavy Prowler | Reckoning-class Attack Prowler | Scáthach-class Command Prowler | Nyx-class Sloop | Auriga-class Light Prowler | Crux-class Sub-Prowler

Light Craft

Raven-class Assault Shuttle | Wyvren-class Light Corvette | Durham-class Corvette | Romulus-class Heavy Corvette | Saint Elisa-class Cutter | Nemesis-class Sloop


Vanguard-class Light Frigate | Rivia-class Frigate | Griffin-class Frigate | Heimdall-class Frigate | Jaeger-class Frigate | Helios-class Heavy Frigate | Ronin-class Stealth Frigate


Oberon-class Light Destroyer | Indra-class Destroyer | Platinum-class Destroyer | Centurion-class Hunter-Killer Destroyer | Revanchist-class Picket Destroyer | Ferrus-class Heavy Destroyer | Raijin-class Escort Destroyer | Tyne-class Command Destroyer


Artemis-class Scout Cruiser | Tempest-class Light Cruiser | Valkyrie-class Light Cruiser | Thermopylae-class Cruiser | Delphinus-class Cruiser | Cannae-class Cruiser | Sentinel-class Anti-Aircraft Cruiser | Victoria-class Heavy Cruiser | Reach-class Heavy Cruiser | Athena-class Command Cruiser | Talion-class Battlecruiser | Keyes-class Battlecruiser | Andraste-class Strike Cruiser | Bishamonten-class Assault Cruiser


Endeavour-class Assault Ship | Iskander-class Light Carrier | Argo-class Assault Carrier | Astraeus-class Support Carrier | Bastion-class Carrier | Odin-class Carrier | Damocles-class Heavy Carrier | Pendragon-class Super Carrier | Sol-class Command Carrier


Cavalier-class Fast Battleship | Kataphrakt-class Battleship | Archangel-class Arsenal Ship | Titan-class Dreadnought | Ragnarök-class Dreadnaught

Special Vessels

Hyperion-class Drone Ship | Hellfire-class Drone Ship

Support Ships

Aether-class Science Vessel | Dawn-class Exploration Vessel | Luna-class Research Vessel | Diomedes-class Combat Supply Ship | Exile-class Armed Transport | Werewolf-class Q-Ship | Hecate-class Tender | Briareos-class Troop Carrier | Vulcan-class Repair Ship | Demeter-class Agriculture Ship | Ysionris Jeromi-class Hospital Ship | Atlas-class Cargo Ship | Ebon-class Fast transport Ship | Gigantes-class Tug | Odysseus-class Colony Ship

Mobile Battle Station

UNSC Lord Hood

Orbital Stations

Oranos-class Orbital Defense Platform | Kronos-class Command Platform | Hestia-class Medical Platform | Ptah-class Repair Platform | Hephaestus-class Supply Platform | Gaia-class Colony Platform

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