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"Wisdom, Justice, Moderation"
―Motto of the UNSC King Cotton
Badge of the UNSC King Cotton
UNSC King Cotton (FFG-439)
Production information

Strident-class heavy frigate


Aerofabrique SA

Technical specifications

575 meters (1,887 ft)


124 meters (407 ft)


112 meters (368 ft)

Engine unit(s)
  • SlipTech's GEN1-#94781 fusion drives (3)
  • Ion manoeuvring drives (20)
Slipspace Drive

CODEN-VIII Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

Power plant
  • RMC's Mark IV Helium-3 fusion reactor (1)
  • Syphon-class Deuterium fusion reactors (2)

Materials Group's RG-913 full barrier shielding (1)

  • 50-75 centimeters of Titanium-A3 battleplate
  • 10-30 centimeters of AEGIS composite plating
  • Refractive coating
Navigation system

UNA-uplinked navigation computer

  • Mark IV, heavy coil - 94B1E6/MAC (1)
  • M340A4 "Streak" missile pods (24 pods)
  • M42 "Archer" missile delivery systems (2 pods of 26 missiles each)
  • M58 "Archer" missile pods (10 pods of 35 missiles each)
  • M870B "Rampart" 50mm point-defense guns (6)
  • Mark 55 "Castor" naval coilguns (5)
  • Mark 57 "Arena" point defence guns (6)
  • M4093 "Hyperion" nuclear delivery system (3 missiles)
  • UNSC Marines (~50)
  • ODSTs (~25)
  • D79-TC Pelicans (4)
  • M12 Warthogs (4)
  • M808C/M820 Scorpion (1)

190 naval personal

Minimum crew
  • 7 naval personal
  • 1 "Smart" AI
  • UNSC Marines (2 platoons, totaling ~50 men)
  • ODSTs (1 platoon, totaling ~30 men)
  • D79-TC Pelicans (4)
  • M12 Warthogs (4)
  • M808C/M820 Scorpion (1)
  • Fully stocked: 4 months
  • Emergency supplies: 1 week

Post-Human Covenant War

  • Small-scale troop deployment
  • Escort
  • Fire support
  • Short-range planetary defence

August 9th, 2557

Present for battles/events

New Phoenix Incident




UNSC Home Fleet

  • Sol System

Battle Group Union


UNSC King Cotton (FFG-439), affectionately named "The King" by her crew, is a Strident-class heavy frigate in service with the UNSC Navy. She served in the New Phoenix Incident and multiple Counter-Insurrection operations.

Christening and Namesake

'FFG-439' was constructed above Tribute, at the Aerofabrique SA shipyards. She was christened UNSC King Cotton on September 18th, 2556. Her naming came on the 661st Anniversary of Booker T. Washington's speech during the Cotton States and International Exposition, being named after John Philip Sousa's march, which was created for the convention, King Cotton. After her commissioning, King Cotton was immediately attached to Battle Group Union, along with the UNSC Columbia's Pride, UNSC Anchors Aweigh, and the UNSC Yellow Rose of Texas.

Service History

 New Phoenix Incident

Main Article: New Phoenix Incident

On July 25th, 2557, the Ur-Didact arrived above Earth, nearly all of the UNSC Home Fleet was ordered to attack the vessel. Battle Group Union directed to engage the Mantle's Approach, to no avail. King Cotton survived the ordeal with minor damage.


As of 2558, King Cotton is separated from the Columbia's Pride, along with the rest of Battle Group Union, since the start of the Created conflict. The ship's "Smart" AI, Sousa, was warned by Roland of the event and subsequently ordered random jumps in slipspace.


King Cotton March

King Cotton March

Honor March of the UNSC King Cotton

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