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The United Nations Space Command Hazardous Environments Combat Division, more commonly known as the UNSC HECD, is a unit of the United Nations Space Command marine corps that operates specifically in environments that are deemed biohazardous or otherwise unsafe for those without a Mark-V Biological Threat Prevention Combat Armor.

They are known to have operated in flood-infested regions and areas that hold extreme amounts of radiation during the Human-Covenant War. As of today they are inactive as the end of the Human-Covenant War rendered them useless.



In the earlier years of the Human-Covenant War more and more human colonies were being glassed. Hot, molten ash ravaged the surface of the planets and anything that was caught in the beam that destroyed the planet would be added to the pile. If you hadn't died from the beam, you'd die slowly from the radiation and your skin would melt away. And when you thought it couldn't get worse, Sangheili rangers were known to be placed onto the planets and essentially turn them into Covenant strongholds. At the time (in 2533), the planet of Strand was the most notable of these ruined worlds.

Commander Thomas Anderson had a solution for this, however. Anderson wanted to form a hazardous environment combat division to engage the rangers and hopefully retake the planet. Yet he couldn't without the approval of the Office of Naval Intelligence's Commander-in-Chief, Margaret Parangosky. He stated that with the invention of the Mark-V Biological Threat Prevention Combat Armor, the formation would be easy.

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