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UNSC Furious Five
Production information



Sinoviet Heavy Machinery

Technical specifications
Engine unit(s)

Deuterium nuclear fusion reactor

Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine



  • Archer missile pods (20) 30 missiles/pod
  • Point Defense Gun (6)
  • Twin Defensive Railgun Turrets (4)
  • 300 sailors
  • 4th Marine Battalion
  • 300 ODST's
  • Atmospheric Drop
  • Fire Support



The UNSC Furious Five was commissioned in 2500 in preparation for the up and coming Operation: TREBUCHET. Due to the lack of rebellion space craft and prevalence of ground forces it was decided that the fighting ships of old were tactically unsound. The Pinnacle Class frigate was to be the first of its kind; a space vessel based primarily around atmospheric drop that could hold an entire regiment of ODST shock troopers. In exchange for the vast majority of her weapons.

The Furious Five was the first of its kind and one of only three Pinnacle class ships in existence. Initial tests went well against large scale insurectionist activity, though it was found rather useless otherwise. The UNSC would have scrapped the Nova and Robert's Warhammer by 2525.

The Furious Five was performing a final tour before its planned scrapping at Reach in 2525 when it was caught by Covenant forces on Second Base at the beginning of the Human-Covenant War.

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