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The Erwin Rommel was built in 2527 at the the Reyes-McLee Shipyards over Mars. It is a detroyer. It features two MAC Cannons, thirty oversized Archer pods, fifteen 50mm MLA-Auto Cannons, and three Shiva Nuclear-Tipped Missiles. It has two docking bays, each which supports three D77-TC Pelicans. It supports a platoon of ODST and a company of marines.


  • Commander Brandon Rebuga: Captain
  • Third Generation MIL AI 0472 Janglur Swifteye: Shipboard AI
  • Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Vrana: Executive Officer
  • Lieutenant Jordan Basham: Communications Officer
  • Lieutenant Bryan Hänkel: Weapons Officer
  • Ensign Bethany Stevens: Operations Officer
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Debbie Bradford: Navigations Officer
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Richard Cobbold: Chief Engineer