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The UNSC Defense Force (UNSCDF) is the unified armed military forces of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC), comprising of male and female humans in active and reserve duties. The UNSC Defense Force is principally responsible for the defense of UNSC citizens and colonies, support of the UNSC during domestic disasters such as natural disasters and terrorism, and preemptive security.


The UNSC Defense Force is comprised of several uniformed services, each with its own unique responsibility; major uniformed services include the UNSC Navy, UNSC Marine Corps, UNSC Army, UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence, UNSC Special Operations Command, and the UNSC Medical Corps, and these comprise the major bulk of the UNSCDF and its operations.


The UNSC Defense Force, as of 2594, is chaired by the UNSC Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), a highly select panel of the most senior UNSC military commanders that deliberate upon widespread changes in UNSC Defense Force policy and assume the highest-order strategic control over the UNSC's armed forces. However, the Joint Chiefs are under the oversight of the civilian UNSC Defense Council (DEFCON); a panel of senior UNSC senators and policymakers that are the highest deliberatory body of UNSC military policy, and any Joint Chiefs action may be overturned by a majority veto from the Defense Council, thus ensuring that the civilian government has tight control over the UNSC's armed forces.

Strategic control is relayed from the Joint Chiefs with the advisory of the Defense Council to UNSC High Command (HIGHCOM), which is responsible for the sector readiness of UNSC active and reserve forces, and for the high-order UNSC mobilization and deployment. Theater responsibilities are relayed to UNSC Strategic Command (STRATCOM), which is responsible for high-order command responsibilities in each theater of operations that UNSC forces are deployed to.

UNSC Defense Force
Executive Commands
UNSC Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) · UNSC Defense Council (DEFCON) · UNSC High Command (HIGHCOM) · UNSC Strategic Command (STRATCOM)
Uniformed Services
UNSC Army · UNSC Marine Corps · UNSC Medical Corps · UNSC Navy · UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence · UNSC Special Operations Command
Individual Commands
UNSC Department of Strategic Intelligence (STRATINTEL) · UNSC Fifth Fleet · UNSC Fleet Intelligence (FLEETINTEL) · UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command (NAVSPECWARCOM) · UNSC Strategic Weapons Command (STRATWEPCOM)
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