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"E Pluribus Unum"
―Motto of the UNSC Columbia's Pride (Latin: "Out of many, one")
Badge of the UNSC Columbia's Pride
UNSC Columbia's Pride (DL-1776)
Production information

Strident-class heavy frigate

  • Columbia subclass

Aerofabrique SA

Technical specifications

580 meters (1,903 ft)


125 meters (410 ft)


113 meters (371 ft)

Engine unit(s)
  • SlipTech's GEN1-#94781 fusion drives (3)
  • Ion manoeuvring drives (20)
Slipspace Drive

CODEN-VIII Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine

Power plant
  • RMC's Mark IV Helium-3 fusion reactor (1)
  • Syphon-class Deuterium fusion reactors (2)

Materials Group's RG-913 full barrier shielding (1)

  • 70-85 centimeters of Titanium-A3 battleplate
  • 25-45 centimeters of AEGIS composite plating
  • Refractive coating
Navigation system

UNA-uplinked navigation computer

  • Mark IV, heavy coil - 94B1E6/MAC (1)
  • M340A4 "Streak" missile pods (24 pods)
  • M42 "Archer" missile delivery systems (2 pods of 26 missiles each)
  • M58 "Archer" missile pods (10 pods of 35 missiles each)
  • M910 "Rampart" 105mm point-defense guns (4)
  • M870B "Rampart" 50mm point-defense guns (6)
  • Mark 55 "Castor" naval coilguns (8)
  • Mark 57 "Arena" point defense guns (12)
  • M4093 "Hyperion" nuclear delivery system (3 missiles)
  • UNSC Marines (~75)
  • ODSTs (~60)
  • D79-TC Pelicans (4)
  • M12 Warthogs (4)
  • M808C/M820 Scorpion (2)

190 naval personal

Minimum crew
  • 7 naval personal
  • 1 "Smart" AI
  • UNSC Marines (3 platoons, totaling ~75 men)
  • ODSTs (2 platoons, totaling ~60 men)
  • D77-TC Pelicans (4)
  • M12 Warthog (4)
  • M808/M820 Scorpion (2)
  • Spartans and Mission Handler (1 fireteam, totaling 5 men + 1)
  • Fully stocked: 6 months
  • Emergency supplies: 2 weeks
Other systems

1 "Smart" AI, Liberty


Post-Human Covenant War

  • Command ship
  • Small-scale troop deployment
  • Escort
  • Fire support
  • Short-range planetary defence

July 4th, 2556

Present for battles/events

New Phoenix Incident




UNSC Home Fleet

  • Sol System

Battle Group Union

Known commander(s)

Captain Douglas P. Grant


UNSC Columbia's Pride (DL-1776), affectionately called "Columbia" by her crew, is a modified Strident-class heavy frigate in the service of the UNSC Navy. She served in the New Phoenix Incident and multiple Insurrections.

Christening, Namesake, and Commissioning

"Inspired by the former United States of America, Columbia's Pride stands as a monument for all which the once great nation stood for. From its undying love for freedom and liberty, to its fierce reputation in war and strife, the United States fought to stand for hundreds of years, and with humanity's blessing, Columbia's Pride will stand to do the same, fighting humanity's battles wherever they may be."
―Captain Douglas P. Grant's speech during the commissioning of the UNSC Columbia's Pride

'DL-1776' was built at the Aerofabrique SA shipyards above Tribute, and was christened UNSC Columbia's Pride on September 17th, 2555. Her name was inspired by the "Spirit of America", Columbia, as well as John Philip Sousa's 1914 march, Columbia's Pride. She is the first ship to bear the name. After launching she received her crew and commander, Captain Douglas P. Grant. After receiving her crew, Columbia's Pride would go under her ship trials. After nine months of trials, training, certification, and qualifications, Columbia's Pride was commissioned on July 4th, 2556 in Washington D.C., to celebrate the once great nation's former Independence Day. Her commissioning was followed by a two-week tour of the major cities of the former United States, including, Pittsburgh, Boston, New York City, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Following her tour, Columbia's Pride was deployed to Earth's atmosphere where she was assigned to the UNSC Home Fleet as her first assignment.


UNSC Columbia's Pride was designed as an enhanced version of the Strident-class heavy frigate, with a focus on designing the ship as a super-light flagship. Equipped with thicker armor, the length, width, depth, and mass of the ship would increase. She would also equipped with additional storage and deck space, allowing the ship carry an increased number of equipment than traditional Strident-class heavy frigates. It was designed to be used as the flagship in a wolfpack of destroyers, which would consist of four other Strident-class heavy frigates, a single Prowler, and a single Halberd-class destroyer .

Service History

While within the UNSC Home Fleet, Columbia's Pride, a small battle group was built up around her, creating Battle Group Union.

New Phoenix Incident

Main Article: New Phoenix Incident

On July 25th, 2557, the Ur-Didact arrived above Earth, and was engaged by nearly all of the UNSC Home Fleet. Columbia's Pride opened fire on the Mantle's Approach, but with little to no effect. Columbia's Pride would leave the incident unscathed, but would lose one of her support vessels.


As of 2558, UNSC Columbia's Pride is currently leading Battle Group Union, often dealing with Insurrectionists or Covenant Remnant groups. In July of 2558, she became the garrison for the Spartan-III team, Team Bayonet, deploying them against both Covenant, Promethean, and Insurrectionists alongside Battle Group Liberty's Marines and ODSTs. At the start of the Created conflict, Columbia's Pride was en route back to Earth. Upon receiving an emergency warning from the UNSC Infinity's AI Roland, the AI of Columbia's Pride, Liberty, warned the crew, and advised to make random jumps, following the orders of Roland. After, Battle Group Liberty, were given similar orders to jump, splitting the battle group.

Gallery and Media

SOUSA Columbia's Pride (1914) - "The President's Own" United States Marine Band

SOUSA Columbia's Pride (1914) - "The President's Own" United States Marine Band

Honor March of the UNSC Columbia's Pride

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