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UNSC Black Prince - (FFG-395)
UNSC Black Prince
Production information

Paris-class heavy frigate


SinoViet Heavy Machinery

Technical specifications

535.05 meters (1,755.4 ft)


198.68 meters (651.85 ft)


162.08 meters (531.77 ft)

Engine unit(s)

Deuterium fusion reactor

Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


Titanium-A battle plate

  • 1x Mark II, Light Coil - 83B6R3 MAC Guns
  • 3x Shiva-class nuclear missiles
  • 26x Archer missile pods (936 Missiles)
  • 12x M740 Bulwark point defence guns
  • GA-TL1 Longsword fighters
  • D77-TC Pelicans
  • Class-3 Bumblebees
  • M8823 SOEIV drop pods
  • 250 Naval personnel
  • 200 Marines
  • 120 ODST's
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Escort of capital ships
  • Atmospheric fire support

April 15, 2550



Known commander(s)
  • Commander Kieran Blair (2550-2553)
  • Commander Hideki Sato (2553-)

The UNSC Black Prince (hull classification FFG-395) is a Paris-class Heavy Frigate in service with the UNSC Navy, (often informally referred to as The Prince by her crew).

The ship would have an uneventful service until the Fall of Reach, where she would engage in hit and run style attacks with isolated Covenant Corvettes, using the growing debris field around the planet to cover her movements. Only withdrawing from the system after having expended all of its ammunition, carrying many of the surviving UNSC Forces from the fallen planet, including the surviving Spartan-III's of SPECWAR/Group Three and the members of the Spartan-II programs Beta-Red Team.

After its return to Earth hours before the Battle of Earth, the ship would form part of the ad-hoc Battlegroup Kings, and retreated when the ships limited resupply of ammunition once again ran out, forcing it to withdraw to a UNSC Facility in the Oort Cloud for a full resupply, along with the crippled UNSC Blood of Kings.

UNSC Black Prince FFG-395

Ships emblem of UNSC Black Prince (FFG-395)


The Hull which would become UNSC Black Prince began construction above the planet Reach on November 23rd, 2549 in one of the UNSC's orbital dockyards surrounding the station Anchor 5. The ship's launch on March 30, 2550, was uneventful and by this stage in the war uncelebrated and after only just over two weeks of working up, was commissioned into service with the UNSC Navy, under the command of the newly minted Lieutenant-Commander Kieran Blair.

Battle Honours

  • Battle of Reach (2552)
  • Battle of Earth (2552-2553)


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