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Battlegroup Athens 2
Battlegroup Athens
Battlegroup Athens
Unit Background

Ship-to-Ship Combat
Planetary Defence



Unit Motto

'Move Fast, Hit Hard'

Unit size

14 Ships

Current Commander

Captain Lucas Nichols

Subordinate Units

145th Support wing
28th ODST Shock Battalion
4/89th Marine Regiment

Current Status



Battlegroup Athens is a Battlegroup comprised of around fourteen re-fitted yet outdated vessels that were still intact at the end of the Human Covenant war, the Battlegroup was quickly 'pieced together' in the aftermath of the H-C war to safeguard the Inner colonies while newer ships were being produced. They are currently stationed in high orbit above Reach. UNSC Agamemnon is the commanding ship of the Battlegroup boasting a bewildering amount of weapons and upgrades.

The Battlegroup also had two experimental Haywire-class Mini-MAC Destroyers based on the Gorgon-class hull. Originally conceived during the H-C war to combat the large numbers of frigates and corvettes the covenant had available, ONI materials group re-fitted two of these vessels, but later scraped the idea as newer ship designs and technologies became available. They are primarily used as close proximity superiority vessels, escorting larger craft or engaging medium tonnage vessels.

Battlegroup Athens was also home to Fire Team Viridian, the 28th ODST Shock battalion and the 4th battalion of the 89th marine regiment. Marine forces and ODST are spread throughout the battlegroup along with accompanying vehicles and supplies.

The Battlegroup saw active duty in 2562 when a Covenant remnant fleet arrived in the system and anchored around Tantalus, Athens moved to engage the threat, alerting HIGHCOM and the main fleets of the UNSCDF to the intrusion. Within 36 hours Athens had boots down planet side including Fire Team Viridian to set a landing zone for relief forces and began harassing the remnant fleet in orbit.

Ships Of Battlegroup Athens

1x Orion-class Battleship

(UNSC Agamemnon)

1x Marathon-class heavy cruiser
(UNSC Falcons Grip C-227)

4x Paris-class heavy frigate
(UNSC Tripoli FFG-345, UNSC Mannheim FFG-291, UNSC Colchester FFG-339, UNSC Alicante FFG-365)

4x Charon-class light frigates
(UNSC In Fate We Trust FFG-247, UNSC Keep Swingin FFG-226, UNSC Short & Sweet FFG-216, UNSC Bush Whacker FFG-222)

2x Gorgon-class destroyers
(UNSC Jackhammer DDG-120, UNSC Pulverize DDG-132)

2x Haywire-class Mini-MAC destroyers

(UNSC Haywire DDM-001, UNSC In Amidst DDM-002)

94x Light Escort Craft
(Sabres, Longswords & Broadswords)

Marines & ODST

4th Battalion 89th Marine Regiment (1700 + Supporting vehicles)
28th ODST Shock Battalion (300)

Captain Lucas Nichols

Battle for Tantalus


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