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UNSC Spitfire
UNSC Avanger
Production information



Galarium heavy engeneries

Technical specifications

2835 metres

Engine unit(s)

3 Main 2 support

Slipspace Drive


Slipspace velocity



prototype MKI

Targeting systems

Galarium forward toward system (can target without visual)


Fire wall Computer anti virus

  • 5 mac cannons (the Separatists tweaked it )
  • 16 pulse laser turrets (the Separatists tweaked it )
  • 130 50mm auto cannons
  • 75 Gauss cannons
  • 100 Archer missilles pods
  • 48 Longswords
  • 24Shortswords
  • 80 Wartogs
  • 1Captain
  • 1 AI
Minimum crew

3.5 meter Titanuim a

  • a division of marines (20,000 men)
  • 800 odst
  • a platoon of spartans



UNSC, 14th nomad fleet


A monster

On of the bigger warships in the UNSC 14th Nomad Fleet, the fleet contain only 5 of this carrier. This 200000 tons of fire power and hight technology as be built in a reccord time 3 mouth. Heavily modified by the UNSC and the Covenant Separatist this ship can transport a complete marines division and also 800 ODST. Is 16 pulse cannons given by the Separatist are powerfull enought to spray a Assault Carrier.


Equipe with 5 modified MAC cannons, this warship can destroy a Assault Carrier with only on fire(if all cannons make fire at same time). His 16 tweaked pulse laser turrets can destroy a entire loyalist city of 25 km of diameter during ground bombardment. The 100 archer pods carring each 30 heavy missile(in total 3000 missiles) can make a gorgeous covert for a civil fleet that want to flee during an attack, they can be also use in ship to ship battle. The 130 50 mm auto cannon and the 75 gauss cannons can be use in point blank range battle or used to take down the ennemi fighter.


In a normal size fleet the ratio of this ship is 1/15 ( 5 Ship peer fleet of 75 ships). During the next months the UNSC want to augment gradualy this ratio and produce at lest 45 of this ships befor March 2553. It is Galarium heavy engeneries that got this gourgeous order.

A Carrier

This enormous ship carrying about 4 longsword squadrons, 2 shortsword squadrons and 1 skyhawk squadron. It also carries about 1 Marine division(20,000 men) and 800 ODSTs.