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The UNSC Army Intelligence Activity is the UNSC Army's in-house intelligence agency. Although nowhere near as powerful as the UNSC Military Intelligence Division, the UNSC Army Intelligence Activity mainly gathers intelligence in support of UNSC Army operations about to occur, and works very closely with the Colonial Administration Authority for intelligence on colonies. During the Necros War, the size of the Activity would grow due to the increased demands for battlefield intelligence for the Army, while the Marines had the Special Reconnaissance Service.


  • The UNSC Army Intelligence Activity is the spiritual successor of the United States Army's Intelligence Support Activity, a Joint Speical Operations Command unit created to gather intelligence directly in support of United States Special Operations Command missions.
  • The infamous Colonel James Ackerson got his start in the Activity before serving as liaison to the Military Intelligence Division. He would secretly campaign for Activity operations and funds during his time as liaison officer before his untimely death in 2552.
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