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UNSC Archon
Background Information
Vessel Class




Hull Classification Symbol


Date of Comissioning

October 9, 2540

Operational Information
Crew Compliment


Troop Capacity


Current Information
Ship Commander

Commander Andrew Medeterano


Twenty First Battle Group, FLEETCOM Sector Eight

Current Status



The UNSC Archon (FFG-118) is one of the newer ships of the UNSC Fleet. Only five years out of spacedock, the vessel has yet to prove its mettle.

Technically, the Archon is designated as a "superfrigate" but this title is somewhat misleading. The vessel has the armament of a destroyer, payload capacity of a troop carrier, and size of a frigate.

One of a handful of uparmored Prague-class guided missile frigates, the Archon is a rapidly deployable vessel, one of few ships in the Twenty First Battle Group that is ready to be called into action at any time, and in any place. Its commander, Commander Andrew Medeterano, is an exceptional young officer, who has led his vessel with distinction and efficency. Though it has no Longsword singleships for point defense, the vessel's speed and weaponry allow it to get itself out of dangerous situations quickly.

Crew Compliment

Bridge Crew

  • Commander Andrew Medeterano - Ship Commander
  • Lieutenant Brandon Hunt - Weapons/Operations Officer
  • Lieutenant Aaron Lee - Navigation/Sensors Officer


The UNSC Archon carries a Company of Marines, currently assigned is A Company, 2nd Battalion, 352nd Marine Regiment, subordinate to the 63rd Marine Division.

Additionally, the Frigate holds Marine Attack Squadron 875 (VMA-875), Flying Hornets, as well as Alpha Flight of Marine Medium Transport Squadron 471 (VMMT-471), flying Pelican dropships.

Ship Log

  • October 9, 2540: Comissioning. Assigned to the 21st Battle Group, FLEETCOM Sector Eight.
  • December 30 2540: Encountered and engaged a Covenant frigate; heavily damaged. Returned to Reach for repair.
  • February 13, 2541: Fought in The Battle of Inferno
  • March 5, 2541: Fought in The Siege of Jade
  • Semtember 27, 2541: Fought in Operation: INVERNESS
  • January 17, 2542: Assisted in the evacuation of the Emerald Cove colony.
  • March 15, 2542: was engaged on patrol by enemy Covenant ships and was severely damaged.
  • January 1, 2545: Reassigned to FLEETCOM Sector Eight, returns to duty with the 21st Battle Group.