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UNSC Absolution (CG-301)
Production information

Marathon-class cruiser


Chevron Aerospace/Reyes-McLees Shipyards

Technical specifications


Slipspace Drive

Mark 25 translight engine

Shielding system

not equipped


RADAR absorbant, plasma-refractive coating

  • 1910mm titanium/ceramic armour plating
  • plasma-resistant anti-spall carbon nanofibre backing



Human-Covenant War


May 19th, 2535


destroyed October 20th, 2552


United Nations Space Command

Known captain(s)

Matthew Lewis
Kathrin Grunwald (acting)


UNSC Absolution (CG-301) was a Marathon-class cruiser in service with the UNSC Navy during the Human-Covenant War. Commissioned in 2535, Absolution's long and illustrious naval career included several major and dozens of minor engagements, beginning with the Battle of Orchid IV in 2540 and later including the Battle of Miridem, Battle of Adrastos, and the Fall of New Carthage. After the latter, Absolution was reassigned from the Sixth Quick Reaction Fleet, relocated to Barrow, and instead joined the First Fleet at Earth. Having an informal, though famed and extensive relationship with the 28th Shock Troops Battalion, the ship was often home to the ODSTs and frequently saw them deploy to participate in operations against the Covenant. Absolution's service came to an end in late 2552 at the Battle of Earth, where she was destroyed by Seraph-class starfighters, along with most of her crew and the 28th Battalion's Charlie Company.

Service History

Battle of Orchid IV

Skirmish at Iophon

Battle of Miridem

Battle of Adrastos

Fall of New Carthage

Battle of Earth

During the early stages of the Battle of Earth, Absolution had been docked at the UNSC naval shipyard above Singapore. On the arrival of the first Covenant vessels, she and the other ships moored there were immediately scrambled. Absolution's crew were mostly disembarked on their first shore leave for nearly eighteen months, and in the chaos as the startled UNSC jumped into action, she departed at around 09:00 with less than a third of her crew embarked. Within twenty minutes of launching, Absolution was in combat against Covenant vessels, having joined Admiral Jackson's Sixth Home Defence Group in defending orbital defence platforms in the Oceania and Southeast Asia areas. Absolution was commanded by Captain Lewis, who had remained onboard at Singapore, along with the first officer and a small number of her bridge and engineering officers. Absolution was one of ten Marathon-class cruisers within the Group, which successfully repelled elements of Regret's fleet in a skirmish in geosynchronous orbit above the Indian Ocean. Later, at approximately 14:00, the Sixth Home Defence Group joined Harper's Second Defence Group in engaging Truth's reinforcements, in a protracted battle that saw both sides maul the other.

At approximately 15:00, in the midst of the fiercest fighting, Absolution was dispatched along with the frigates Death's Head and Reliant Warrior to geosynchronous orbit above Sydney. The three vessels were ordered to hold position above the city, which had been invaded by the Covenant hours before, and support ground operations by deploying ODSTs and protecting the city's geosynchronous communications satellite.