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"Hell, you didn't send--"

"I had no choice. Something had to be done about those houses."

"It's almost too cruel"
-A conversation between two ONI agents.

Tyson-B245 is a SPARTAN-III and a member of ONI's Headhunter division. Drafted from the ranks of SPARTAN-III Beta company, he was then sent to the Headhunters, assigned to fireteam Wolf. Known for his ruthlessness, Tyson earned the nickname "The Terminator".

After the Human-Covenant War, Tyson remained with the Headhunters, carrying out missions on ONI's behalf. As the rogue AI Cortana declared war on humanity, Tyson, along with fellow headhunter Jashael, escaped earth. After being discovered by the Axtri'Calli Orosan Frotalkii, Tyson joined the crew of the explorer, knowing that the Created would have a difficult time finding him.


Early Life

Born in 2533 to civilian parents, Tyson was a tormented, troubled child. As Parson was largely a farming colony, children received an education as such. Because of his weaker nature, Tyson was bullied physically and verbally. His parents, with the typical Parson mindset, believed that he should fight his own battles. As such, there was little support from them. One of his sole joys was a small chicken who he named Mako. As the small, weak runt of a new group of nestlings, Tyson felt connected to the little bird in a way that others found difficult to understand. This connection was one of the small things that kept the young boys life bearable for him. However, this connection was later exploited by his tormentors. Upon bringing a picture of the chicken into his class, the leader of the main group of bullies, a redheaded boy named Klein, thought of a new, aggressive way to get Tyson's attention. Following him home after school, the group of children, along with a dog, broke into the small hutch that Tyson kept the chicken in, savagely attacking it with the dog. However, before the canine could deliver the killing blow to Mako, Tyson walked in on the scene, having finished his daily chores. Without provocation, Klein attacked Tyson with a rock, but, showing a surprising display of ferocity, Klein was brutally attacked with his own rock, being hit with the stone multiple times until the once dominant child begged for mercy. Kicking his now defenceless opponent in the gut, Tyson then turned his attention to the remaining children. Slowly backing away, the bullies broke into a run once Tyson charged them. With his dominance established, Tyson tended to Mako. Although the young hen survived, the incident left scars for both of them: Mako's physical, Tyson's emotional.

Invasion of the Covenant

During the Covenant's invasion of Parson in 2540, Tyson was close to the initial Covenant landing site. This meant that he was among the first to know of the alien threat. He woke up on that morning, curious about chattering going on outside. Investigating the nearby fields, he stumbled across a Sangheili minor, who expressed curiosity upon seeing him. As Tyson stepped away from the towering alien, it was distracted by a round from a hunting rifle impacting on it's armour. This bullet was fired by Tyson's father, who, along with his mother and several fieldhands, were attacking the Covenant invaders in their field. The minor then turned and rapidly downed human after human with bursts from it's carbine. Tyson's 7 year old brain did not know enough to fully process the information that had been given to him, but he knew enough to run for his life. Arriving back at his homestead while the battle in the fields was still ongoing, Tyson packed a backpack, taking some food and water, a knife, a notebook, some matches, and Mako the chicken. Once leaving the house, he was confronted by a T'vaoan Kig-Yar, clucking angrily at him. Acting from the gut, Tyson rammed his knife into the creature's eye, incapacitating it, and allowing him to escape from it. Managing to reach his bike in the courtyard, Tyson proceeded to mount it, riding out of his house and down the gravel path, escaping before the majority of the Covenant force arrived. As he continued out through his small town, he noticed several of his neighbours, including Klein and his group of bullies, being killed and then messily devoured by the Kig-Yar. This, although disturbing Tyson, was only motivation for him to continue moving. He did not stop riding for days, only pausing briefly to feed Mako and himself, then continuing. Upon reaching Parson's only major city, Tyson discovered that the Covenant had beaten him to it. Within the chaos of panicking civilians, inexperienced colonial militia members firing off random shots trying to score a kill, and the Covenant slowing massacring the entire population, Tyson found it easy to go unnoticed, simply slipping from alleyway to alleyway, eventually reaching the spaceport. As the children were being granted access onto the evacuation transports first, Tyson easily secured himself a place on one. As the repurposed cargo ship fled from the doomed world, Tyson watched as the planet was bombarded with plasma while stroking a frightened Mako. Upon seeing the place of his childhood being reduced to nothing more than ash, he silently promised himself that the Covenant would not only pay, they would burn. The transport entered slipspace shortly after.

Spartan-III Training

Tyson at the time of his recruitment to Beta company

With nowhere else to go, Tyson gladly accepted the invitation to join SPARTAN-III Beta Company, on the one condition that he could take Mako with him. This condition was accepted, and he was shuttled to Onyx with other trainees shortly after. Once the trainees arrived on Onyx, they were approached by a man who introduced himself as Lieutenant Kurt Ambrose, who stated that the trainees were not going to have it easy. Shortly afterwards, Ackerson introduced them to an exercise called hunters. The trainers, failed recruits of Alpha company, were to hunt down the trainees in the nearby forest. Any eliminated would be removed from the program, up to a maximum of 50. The trainees were given a one hour headstart, and then the trainers, armed with shockprods, would have come after them. After being released into the forest, Tyson simply hid in a nearby burrow, then waited until the trainers entered the forest. Concealed by leaves and vines, the unmoving Tyson was unnoticed by the trainers, and soon left the burrow, knowing that the trainers would notice him eventually if he stayed where he was. Leaping from tree to tree, Tyson eventually scaled the tallest one that he could, and stayed there for the night. Continuing with this strategy, Tyson managed to stay out for a week, not knowing that the exercise had since ended. Eventually, Ambrose convinced him to come down from the trees, taking note of the boys survival instinct.

Later during training, an exercise similar to hunters was established. The trainees were divided up into teams, and ordered to spend a week in the forest. The teams, all armed with paint pellet guns, were permitted to eliminate any member of the other teams, and were also given an objective: Reach a flag at the top of a nearby mountain, and bring it back to the facility. Meanwhile, in order to increase the odds, a team of trainers were sent into the forest. These trainers, armed with shockprods, were given permission to shock any trainee that they found. While the trainees could use their paint pellet guns to eliminate them for an hour, they could not be permanently eliminated, forcing the trainees to work together in order to reach the flag. Tyson, assigned to team 9, was sent into the forest. Almost immediately, the problems began to start. After failing to start a fire, team 9 spent the first night cold and hungry. After an arduous trek through the jungle, team 9 clashed repeatedly with team 5. This narrowed their members down severely. After continuing to move through the jungle, team 9 were then attacked by the trainers. Because the trainers outnumbered them, team 9 sustained heavy casualties. Pocketing one of the trainers shockprods while they were continuing to attack team 9, Tyson took off into the jungle, eventually encountering, quite ironically, Jashael-B014, the sole survivor of team 5, who had also been overwhelmed by the trainers. Putting aside their differences for the sake of survival, Jashael and Tyson managed to evade the trainers. While both had dropped their paint pellet guns, Tyson kept the shockprod concealed. Eventually, they managed to reach the top of the mountain holding the flag, but, before both could claim it, Jashael pushed Tyson off of a ledge, before taking the flag for herself. Pulling himself to his feet, Tyson observed Jashael as she fled the mountain, before pursuing her. Taking note of his surroundings, Tyson managed to track Jashael, eventually discovering that she had been taking refuge in one of their camps. Finding her in that camp, Jashael was shocked that Tyson had made it that far. Attempting to flee, Tyson hunted her down, her path through the jungle being easy to follow. Knowing that Jashael was not going to rest while she remained in the exercise, Tyson ignored her pleas for mercy once he found her, and shocked her with the prod, before taking the flag and leaving her at the mercy of the trainers. After three more days, Tyson made it back to the facility, where Ambrose interviewed him personally. Simply relating his story to the lieutenant, Tyson then left, with Ambrose taking two qualities of note within both Jashael and Tyson, noting both the formers ruthlessness, and the latter's indomitable drive to complete a mission.

Tyson at the time of the final exercise, prior to augmentation.

The final training exercise included multiple two man teams, each assigned with guarding a position against waves upon waves of trainers. These trainers involved the military personnel on Onyx, normal trainers, and ONI agents interested in the project. Tyson, assigned to Fireteam Wolf, was interested that the other member of the team was Jashael, as Ambrose thought that the two were a good matchup. Accepting that the training exercise involving the flag was behind them, Jashael and Tyson decided to fortify the position using logs from the nearby forest. After an hour of doing so, the first wave arrived. Armed with paint pellet guns, and wearing SPI, Fireteam Wolf easily defeated this first round. Taking time to scavenge ammunition from their defeated enemies, Fireteam Wolf retreated back into the fort just as the second wave arrived. This wav was considerably more difficult, with 100 trainers attacking at once. After a tiresome battle, the trainers were defeated, but a third wave of 250 trainers was on their way. Arming himself with a paint pellet loaded assault rifle and a defeated trainers shockprod, Tyson knew that the third and final wave would be the most deadly one, and that Fireteam Wolf could not survive it. However, Jashael came up with an idea. Ordering Tyson to stay perched in a nearby tree, Jashael remained in the fort, as the third wave arrived. Kept down by a seemingly endless barrage of paint pellets Jashael mouthed one word to Tyson: Now. Leaping down from the tree, Tyson swept the trainers ranks with a barrage of paint pellets, allowing for Jashael, who had previously been pinned down under enemy fire, to stand up and regain her position. Electrocuting one trainer with a shockprod, and firing paint pellets into the face of another, the two worked in a pincer movement, firing repeatedly and rapidly until the trainers were sprawled unconscious on the ground. As one of the few groups who had cleared the final wave, Jashael and Tyson were deemed far too valuable for use on operation TORPEDO, and were subsequently assigned to the headhunters.


After clearing the final test, Tyson was augmented along with the rest of the SPARTAN-IIIs. As he was selected for the headhunters, he, alongside Jashael and the other headhunter candidates, received further augmentation. These included:

Additional Headhunter Augmentations
Name Specifications Risks
Project "Eagle Eye" Neural Enhancing Surgery increases

field of vision, being able to see clearly for

up to a kilometer away

3% of subjects are blinded, suffering neural disorders
Project "Hunter" Improvement of hearing via upgrading centres for

processing of information. Necessary for environments that headhunters operate in

10% of subjects mistake different sounds for familiar ones,

leading to paranoia and jitteriness.

Despite undergoing this surgery, Tyson emerged successfully, graduating to the headhunter program alongside Jashael. Afterwards, they were assigned a stealth capable ship, Mjolnir Powered Assault Armour, along with a mission to the planet Armadillo.

Mission to Armadillo

After joining the Headhunter program, Fireteam Wolf was assigned with a mission to the desert world Armadillo, for the purpose of assassination and extraction. The exact details of the mission were as such: Several notable houses on Armadillo had joined the United Rebel Front. With the influences of these houses on their respective sectors, ONI was concerned that the entire planet may join the URF. So, the mission to be undertaken by Fireteam Wolf was to assassinate the leaders of these houses along with their inner circles of associates. As Tyson, Jashael, and Mako the chicken were the only living beings aboard the ship, Tyson was worried by the fact that Wolf would essentially be a pushover for the houses. However. there were two phases of ONI's plan. As Jashaels second in command, Tyson was not privy to this information, and so simply served as what he was assigned to do. After landing, Tyson and Jashael left the the ship, wearing cloaks and not wearing helmets in order to disguise their nature as SPARTANs. Interested in the wildlife of Armadillo, the pair were surprised upon seeing an N'sgaytsian in the distance pulling a sled loaded with meat. Recognising the alien's similarity to a Sangheili, this thought was pushed out of existence upon moving to the location of the first mission.

The first house, Cooper house, was the main target for this sector. Tyson browsed over the magazines while waiting for nightfall, while conversing with Jashael. As the conversation took place, she revealed that she was from a similar planet, but one that had been glassed by the Covenant. Her mother had been a UNSC marine that had fought in the battle for that world, but was killed by a Sangheili. It was interesting for her to be back in the hot air, and apologized for the incident with the flag. While this conversation continued, Tyson mused to himself as to whether he could trust Jashael. Deciding on his inability to trust after the destruction of Parson, Tyson instead related to the story of Mako, as to his ruthlessness. Jashael pointed out the fact that his rage was now an asset that could be used against their enemies. Tyson later thought of the odd beauty of Armadillo, and compared that to Jashaels personality.

Upon nightfall, Fireteam Wolf split up, with Tyson covering the courtyard. As there were little guards, all mostly inexperienced, Tyson dispatched them with a combination of silenced weapons, baton blows, and breaking their necks. Patrolling the perimeter, Tyson checked for an alarm, then disposed of the bodies in a hole, before breaking down the door of the house, and eliminating the two guards posted inside. Patrolling the interior of the house, Tyson then flashed his headlight from a window, before Jashael, alerted by the signal, crashed through the window. An alarm starting to go off was silenced by Jashael, who moved into the suite of the leader of Cooper house. Tyson noted the fanciness of the suite as Jashael dragged the house leader into his office. As the leader was interrogated, he confessed to siding with the URF, but remained defiant, referring to the SPARTANS as "Freaks". In response to this insult, Tyson promptly shot him in both kneecaps with a silenced DMR, before Jashael, having forced the leader to sign counterfeit documents, then handed Tyson a knife with the words "Shander Rights Now! This Is For Our Boys In Uniform!". On Jashaels instructions, Tyson stabbed the ruler of Cooper in the neck with the knife, being slightly put off by the blood covering the blade. Jashael then proceeded to trigger the alarm, alerting the Cooper militia. Throwing a specially prepared rock out of the window, Fireteam Wolf then escaped out the window and into the desert, returning to the ship by morning. After arriving back at the ship, Jashael explained the intricacies of the plan. Shander was a rival house, and recently, Cooper had killed 5 of Shander's men. Thinking that it was an attack by Shander, which was seeking revenge at the time, Cooper declared war on Shander, thus embroiling the region in turmoil. The operation, taking over a year to complete, had similar results with other houses.

This strategy, although successful with the other houses, did not work with those of Hofstadter house. Knowing that it was not a rival house, but rather the UNSC, the house refused to budge. As no men from Hofstadter left, Tyson realised that a full-on assault was necessary. Talking this over with Jashael, she agreed, and the two armed themselves. Tyson approached the manor at the front gates armed with a SAW, providing time for Jashael to reach the roof of the house. As Tyson stalled for time, Jashael assumed her position at the roof. While talking with the leader of Hofstadter, Tyson was shot with an opening barrage from MA2C assault rifles, leading him to nod towards the roof. Hofstadter's leader, noticing this, leaped out of the way, leading for Jashael to shoot one of his men through the head instead of him. As the Hofstadter leader was armed with a rocket launcher, a disarmed Tyson could only watch in horror as Jashael was hit with an indirect blast from it. Racing towards her fallen body, Jashael regained consciousness for long enough to threaten Tyson with removing his eyes if he ever prioritised her over mission objective again. As the men of Hofstadter house raised their rifles for a killing burst, Tyson shot one through the head, having armed himself with Jashaels DMR. Reloading the DMR, Tyson then fired the rifle repeatedly, honouring the mantra "One shot, One kill". Seeing that the headhunter had run out of ammo the sole remaining soldier flung himself at Tyson armed with a combat knife. In a shocking display of both the SPARTAN-III's power and mercilessness, Tyson grabbed the man by the head, and proceeded to crush his skull. This prompted the Hofstadter leader to flee from the battleground. Grabbing the flamethrower of one of his fallen enemies, Tyson then proceeded to burn the manor to the ground, before moving on to the crop fields. Upon doing this, Tyson followed the tracks of the enemy leader out into the desert. Sighting him fleeing desperately over a ridge, the headhunter discharged a round from his DMR, shooting the house leader through the leg. Approaching his fallen enemy, now bleeding out in the desert, Tyson then proceeded to shoot the man in the back with a trio of rounds until he stopped writhing. This display of ruthlessness, along with the display of Tyson trekking through the desert for hours, earned him the nickname of "Terminator" among his superiors. Returning to Hofstadter house, Tyson then proceeded to support Jashael as they walked back to the ship. Fireteam Wolf left the planet shortly afterwards.

Deep Covenant Space Mission

"So, Covenant refinery, building a fleet to invade human space, blah blah blah, the usual mission. Think we should send Fireteam Wolf?"

"The Armadillo pair? Sure. I think that the Covenant would love someone of their distinct perspectives."

-A pair of ONI agents discussing Wolf for a mission

Tyson during the deep space mission

As the mission on Armadillo was successful, this brought a large amount of attention to Fireteam Wolf in ONI, dubbing them "the Armadillo pair". This attention to them led to Wolf being singled out for a separate, more lethal mission. As a Covenant refinery had recently been discovered near human space, Wolf was singled out to destroy it. Project JAVELIN was considered, but Dugan-001, the leader of the project, refused it on the grounds that JAVELIN was currently embroiled in a separate campaign. Tyson, along with Jashael, was ordered for the mission. As his second Headhunter mission, Tyson was largely inexperienced in battling the Covenant, having developed his fighting style, involving slow, robotic shots from his weapon, usually a semiautomatic rifle. However, with the Covenant, this strategy was largely obsolete. Due to his fast deployment on the mission, Tyson had no time to correct his attacks. As Fireteams Wolf's ship dropped from slipspace, Tyson armed himself with a BR55 Battle Rifle, still preferring it to the MA5 series assault rifle series. Placing Mako in a safe room within the ship, Jashael then opened the door, and the pair deployed via thruster pack. Once within the void, Tyson felt extremely alone, as it was the first time that he had performed EVA. This emotion, although fleeting, had a chilling effect on Tyson's thoughts, knowing that they were billions of kilometres away from any human civilization. Terminating the thruster packs, Wolf then floated down towards the Covenant station. As this was EVA, the only enemies expected were Unggoy and a few Sangheili. As Jashael moved forward to an attack position, Tyson surveyed the surrounding area through the scope of his BR55, picking off multiple Unggoy without the remaining noticing. Flashing blue on his motion tracker, the attack signal, Tyson then watched as Jashael moved in and massacred the Unggoy. A watching Tyson felt something akin to pity to the miniscule aliens, knowing that they stood absolutely no chance against a SPARTAN. This emotion was quickly dissipated, with the Headhunter reminding himself of how many humans they had remorselessly slaughtered.

After the last trace of resistance had been eliminated, Tyson dismounted his post, with a scan of the area revealing that no Covenant remained outside on the hull. Breaching the door with a small charge, the pair proceeded to eliminate every alien within the airlock. Moving on, Wolf slipped from door to door, killing any Unggoy or Kig-Yar that crossed their path. As they slipped further towards the control room, several Sangheili on patrol outside on the hull noticed the slaughtered bodies of the Unggoy, sounding the alarm. Upon hearing the alarm, Tyson began to run, realising that the time for stealth was over. Managing to make it to the control room, Wolf then encountered the Sangheili control crew, who had armed themselves with carbines. Eliminating the crew, Tyson then fought a large Sangheili Ultra, knocking off it's helmet with a burst from the his BR55 battle rifle. Upon seeing the alien's face, Tyson had a panic attack, with the last time that he had seen the face of an elite being the day that Parson was glassed. This momentary lapse of concentration allowed the Sangheili to knock the headhunter back, stunning him. As Tyson drew his knife as a last line of defence, the Ultra drew an energy sword, preparing to lunge at him. However, the Sangheili was killed by a burst from Jashaels MA5B assault rifle. As Tyson hauled himself to his feet, Jashael activated the overloading of the facilities reactors. This forced the Covenant to evacuate the facility. As Wolf fled the facility, Tyson encountered multiple Sangheili, dispatching each of them with his combat knife. However, a burst from a plasma rifle ruptured the Headhunters thruster pack. As Wolf made it to the extraction point, Tyson revealed the thruster packs destruction to Jashael, indicating that he was unable to flee the station. Overriding Jashaels command authority, Tyson ordered her to leave the station and return to the ship. Although reluctant, Jashael complied. Standing his ground, Tyson proceeded to dispatch multiple Covenant targets, before the station was swallowed completely in an explosion. As it began to flame around him, the Headhunter took solace in the fact that he had fulfilled his promise of making the Covenant burn. Tyson then closed his eyes for what he expected to be the last time, as the station finished it's self destruct. A Covenant ship commanded by Ortan Vadinos'ai later recovered Tyson's still breathing body from the rubble of the station.

Interrogation by the Covenant and Escape

The imaginary world that Tyson's mind lived in for three years.

After being recovered by the Covenant from the remnants of the refinery, Tyson was promptly interrogated using a Covenant mind probe, as the SPARTAN was still unconscious. The purpose of this was to recover UNSC information that he was thought to possess. Though he was unable to move his body, Tyson realised the intrusion of the probe, and attempted to block it. Despite Tyson's best efforts, the probe continued deeper into his mind. As a desperate attempt to stop the Covenant, Tyson created mental "Safe Zones" that he warded with all the gibberish and useless memories that he could conjure. The probe rejected this obsolete data, allowing Tyson's mental personality to live a semi-normal life within a dreamscape that he had created. This dreamscape was of a feverish, post apocalyptic planet, with the wreckage of UNSC vehicles, the skeletons of human and Covenant alike, and an enormous storm lurking in the distance. Knowing that this dreamscape was only a temporary measure that the Covenant would eventually crack, the SPARTAN continued to live as such, knowing that it was the best that he could do to avoid the probe.

However, the Covenant did not have the amount of patience to deal with the persistently uncooperative SPARTAN, and after three years of fruitless interrogation, the order was given to kill him. At the time that the order was given, a prisoner captured by the Covenant, an Axtri'Calli named Orosan Frotalkii, had just arrived on the warship. This prisoner saw the still dormant SPARTAN, and formulated an escape plan involving him. As the Covenant threw the Axtri'Calli into his cell, he proceeded to slice the controls, and then broke out. Retrieving his personal effects, along with his customized pistol, Frotalkii proceeded to break into Tyson's chamber. As the Axtri'Calli diverted a surge of power to Tyson's Mjolnir suit, Tyson opened his eyes for the first time in three years, and broke free of the restricting cables. Free of the dreamscape, Tyson was curious as to his surroundings, his liberator, and as to the location of Jashael. The Axtri'Calli in front of him introduced himself as Orosan Frotalkii, an explorer, and stated that he too had been captured by the Covenant. After realising that the Covenant had kept him captive for three years, Tyson was shocked, but remained determined. However, Tyson realised that his chance for escape was minimal, as the Cole Protocol prevented taking a Covenant ship to any human colony, and there were no other ships. This was when Frotalkii stepped in. As his ship, the Lightbolt, had been captured by the Covenant and was still attached to the Covenant warship, they could use it to escape and travel back to a human colony. With Tyson agreeing with this plan, the pair began to formulate their escape.

Tyson during his escape from the Covenant ship

Frotalkii's escape triggered an alarm, however, and a force of armed guards was sent down to the detention block. As they burst into Tyson's cell, the Headhunter burst out from behind a door, breaking the neck of one of the Sangheili guards. Appropriating the weapon of the guard, Tyson then opened fire with it, eliminating the remaining Covenant troops. As Frotalkii armed himself with a Carbine, Tyson pondered his alliance with the alien, wondering about alien life that may not be hostile. As the pair left the detention bay, a larger force of troops headed for the bay. Tyson, however, escaped with Orosan into the vent system, and manged to make his way into the hangar. Leaping down into the the hangar, Tyson brutally dispatched the crew residing there with chaotic shots from his weapon, with Frotalkii making a dry comment on the SPARTAN's lethality. As the two boarded the Lightbolt, a group of Sangheili emerged and attacked the ship. As it took a while for the engines to start, Frotalkii ordered Tyson to, in his own words, "Spin up the cannon". Firing the cannon repeatedly, the SPARTAN-III eliminated the majority of the elites, and proceeded to dispatch the five that came on board. As the Lightbolt escaped the warship and flew towards the surrounding asteroid field, the Covenant began firing upon the fleeing ship. However, Frotalkii's quick manoeuvring, paired with Tyson shooting down the pursuing banshees, allowed them to slip just outside the line of the warship's accuracy. Upon reaching this line, Tyson was ordered to shoot an asteroid that was directly in front of the ship. Insisting that such an act would destroy the ship, Tyson was reminded of the Covenant warship bearing down upon them. Seeing no other alternative, Tyson fired the cannon at the asteroid, while Frotalkii jettisoned his supply of spare parts. As the ship was about to hit the asteroid debris, Frotalkii opened a slipspace portal directly in front of the ship, allowing the pair to escape undetected, while giving the illusion that the ship had been destroyed. The slip took a surprisingly short period of time, and Tyson was soon dropped off in an escape pod near Reach. Although the UNSC was astounded by his presence after his being marked MIA, Tyson did not relate the story of his escape and survival, stating instead that he had simply got lucky.

Later mission against the URF

With Jashael having taken up LONEWOLF deployment after Tyson's presumed death, Tyson decided to try that format for himself. With the Covenant impeding further on human space, the URF were making further attempts to side with them against the UNSC. These rebels were viewed as a threat by ONI, who decided to send Tyson to eliminate them. Dropped off via prowler, Tyson was then deployed armed with a M392 DMR, and given the orders: Eliminate the rebel cell by any means possible. Stalking through the mountainous region that contained the base, the Headhunter encountered a local who introduced himself as Cesar, claiming to be a traitor to the URF. Upon being enquired as to the location of the base, Cesar told the SPARTAN to follow him. As they approached the base, Tyson, along with his self proclaimed guide, slipped past the defences, dodging to avoid the spotlights. Once Tyson slipped into the courtyard, he noticed the silence, and seeming lack of any human activity. However, before he could ponder this, a red laser dot appeared on his chestplate, followed by several dozen others. As he appeared to be surrounded, the Headhunter activated a smoke grenade, surrounding him with billowing smog. With the entire courtyard being obscured, this turned the tables on the insurrectionists, with hunters becoming the hunted. Eliminating each with a knife blow, Tyson rapidly cleared out the enemy force. Cesar showed up shortly afterwards, stating that he had lost track of Tyson's location. Tyson ordered Cesar to stand watch outside, before slipping into the building. The headhunter moved from shadow to shadow, eliminating patrolling insurrectionist guards, and began to move towards the main power core. Entering the power core chamber, Tyson took note of the various fusion coils. Moving into the power core revealed that the control panel to deactivate it had been destroyed. As Tyson attempted to repair the panel, a group of insurrectionist soldiers, led by the base captain, arrived at the core behind him. Aiming rifles at the headhunter, the group proceeded to order Tyson to "Stick 'em up". As Tyson raised his hands, the base captain gloated over the capture of a SPARTAN, stating that the UNSC would pay handsomely for a ransom. As this rant continued, the headhunter brainstormed as how to destroy the reactor, given that the panel had been sabotaged. Remembering the fusion coils from earlier, Tyson ran for one, sustaining enemy fire. Firing back, he managed to land a kill, snatching up a coil in the other hand.

Hurling the coil into the reactor core, Tyson managed to run as the core exploded. As he darted outside the core, the squad of guards, having ran as soon as the core had detonated, fired at him. Ducking behind a storage crate, Tyson hurled a grenade, eliminating the majority of them, and knocking the captain back. Tyson proceeded to grab the insurrectionist by the throat, demanding to know how they had learned of the mission. The captain merely spat in his face, leading the SPARTAN to attempt to crush the man's windpipe. As he began doing this, Tyson heard a rifle cock behind his head. Turning to look revealed Cesar, who, in reality, had sided with the insurrectionists, and was aiming a BR55 battle rifle at Tyson's head. This, however, proved to be a mistake, as Tyson unhesitatingly raised an M6 magnum and shot Cesar through the chest, killing him. As the base captain was now released from the SPARTANs grip, he dived to the side and grabbed a pistol, raising it to his head. This move was another mistake on the insurrectionist's part, as Tyson casually knocked the man out, preventing him from committing suicide. In an act of ruthlessness surprising for even him, Tyson picked up the insurrectionist, held a knife to his throat, and proceeded to walk outside with him in front. As the remaining rebel forces attempted to kill the SPARTAN, Tyson pointed out the fact that he was using the captain as a shield, and proceeded to slit the man's throat. This act, brutal as it was, convinced the remaining rebels that the SPARTAN had to be brought down. However, before they could even fire their weapons, the reactor overload destroyed the base, allowing Tyson to escape amidst the chaos. Killing multiple insurrectionist guards on his way out, the headhunter escaped to a nearby condor, killing those attempting to evacuate on it. Flying the aircraft out of the courtyard as it exploded, Tyson was later linked up with by the prowler, reporting mission success.

New Mjolnir Armour and Reunion with Jashael

The DARKSTALKER class Mjolnir worn by Tyson for the majority of his career.

As the insurrectionist position that Tyson had destroyed was highly important to the URF, this fame among ONI circles brought him back into the eyes of the Specwar division. Deciding that the lethal combination of the two SPARTANs in Wolf was necessary to be remade, Jashael was ordered to Sydney for reassignment. Tyson was also ordered to Sydney. Curious as to what the meaning of the upcoming redeployment was, Tyson nonetheless obeyed the order. At Sydney's ONI headquarters, Tyson, now dressed in civilian gear, was greeted by an operative, who introduced him to a new armour variant specifically designed for the use of the headhunters. This variant, dubbed "Darkstalker", was equipped with energy shields, along with an advanced targeting system. As this variant was manufactured with the headhunters in mind, Tyson was ordered to don the armour before proceeding into the next room. After doing so, the SPARTAN was greeted by the site of Jashael, clad in the same armour variant. The pair shared a short embrace, before being briefed by ONI on a new mission.

Battle of Earth

Because of his HEADHUNTER status, Tyson did play a role in the battle of earth. Ordered aboard the UNSC warship Strahd von Zarovich, the headhunter was granted an objective: guard an abandoned UNSC tactical point known as the Eagles Ledge. Upon enquiring as to the purpose of Eagles Ledge, he was informed merely that it was a Specwar facility designed for coming up with new technology for the purpose of surviving a possible destruction of all known human colonies. Accepting this, Tyson deployed via pelican, noting the remote location of the facility.

After deployment, Tyson explored the facility, seeing dissected covenant corpses, along with similarly modified humans. This disturbed him, but he continued to explore the facility. This proved once to be a mistake, as the Headhunter opened a specific classified computer file, contained alongside several vacuum sealed cylinders. This file, codenamed WUHAN, was a project to cultivate a virus that had affected earth in the 2020s, and use it against the Covenant. This virus, while a powerful bioweapon, was incredibly lethal should it ever be spread among the human population. As the decision whether to destroy the virus specimens or preserve a sample was pondered, several Jiralhanae troops arrived at the location. Realising that the Jiralhanae would likely capture the virus samples, Tyson shattered one in the vents, releasing it into the circulation. As the unprotected Jiralhanae entered the facility, the virus took effect in their systems, creating an immense cough, and breaking concentration. The incapacitated brutes were rapidly dispatched by the headhunter, with only one escaping. This Jiralhanae, fleeing from the SPARTAN, came across the room containing the virus samples, along with the computer files. As the alien was detected on the facilities motion tracker, Tyson quickly realised where it was and what it was doing. Proceeding to silently follow the Jiralhanae, Tyson observed the alien making communication with a superior officer in a nearby warship. With the autotranslate being functional, the headhunter discerned that the Jiralhanae intended to release the virus into the earth's atmosphere. Firing a burst from his BR55, Tyson shattered the sample within the aliens hands. As the virus and the round went to work within the Jiralhanae's body, Tyson realised that the Jiralhanae had transmitted it's location to the nearby warship, and that it was likely sending phantoms to Eagles Ledge. After this realisation, Tyson slit the alien's throat, proceeding to retrieve the remaining virus samples. Placing all of these samples around one of the strategically placed bombs in the facility, Tyson ran to an elevator, and proceeded to detonate them. This detonation ravaged the facility, destroying both it and the remaining virus. Barely managing to get to the pelican, Tyson escaped just as the phantoms landed.

Postwar Headhunting

Tyson during the Postwar Period

As the war later ended, Tyson found it difficult as to considering his later life, realising that the life that he had led as of far was nothing more than killing. Deciding that civilian life was "Far Too Tame" for him, Tyson decided to remain with the Headhunters, serving alongside those of a new generation. Tysons feelings on the SPARTAN-IV's were mixed: he admired their near indomitable fighting spirit, but felt that they lacked the raw power necessary to survive everything that he went through.

As the postwar period progressed, Tyson began to cultivate a romantic relationship with Jashael, however, this was ultimately a failure. As Fireteam Wolf was deployed on mission after mission, the headhunter felt weary, merely wishing to rest after years of warfare. However, as he was still considered the property of ONI specwar division, Tyson was allowed no such rest.

Mission on Talitsa

"So, what's the target?"

"Fal Karen'i. A highly important target, and member of the Kra'dossh Insaali. Your mission is to--"

"Lemme guess? Eliminate him as quickly and painfully as possible?"

"Not this time. ONI would prefer if you captured him alive".

-A conversation between an ONI agent and Tyson-B245

After completing a mission to eliminate yet another URF leader, Tyson was ordered on a LONEWOLF deployment mission. Upon enquiring as to the reason for the deployment status, Tyson was given the answer that one SPARTAN was more stealthy for this mission than two. The Headhunter was then briefed on the details of the mission. Fal Karen'i, an important member of the mercenary group the Kra'dossh Insaali, had been sighted on Talitsa, aiding the URF. Despite Fal's importance to the Kra'dossh's war effort, Tyson was given the order to capture the Sangheili instead of killing him.

Despite Tyson's objections to this, he participated in the mission nonetheless. As Talitsa was a warzone, an ordinary pelican insertion was impossible. Tyson was instead ordered to be deployed by SOEIV. During deployment, Tyson briefly overheated during the pod descent, developing a newfound respect for the ODSTs that deployed in such a fashion every mission. As the pod landed, the headhunter was momentarily jarred, but came to his senses. This advantage potentially saved the SPARTAN's life, as he was surrounded by camouflaged Sangheili momentarily, who ordered him to drop his weapon and surrender. Tyson did indeed raise his hands, but proceeded to break the neck of the elite that approached him to handcuff him. This aggression prompted the remaining sangheili to move into stealth, drawing energy swords, and demanding that the SPARTAN stand down. As the group approached, Tyson chuckled to himself, engaging VISR mode. Lunging at the group leader with a combat knife, Tyson proceeded to ram the knife into the elite's throat. The wounded alien staggered, with it's momentary distraction allowing for Tyson to snatch the energy sword from it's hands, using it to decapitate one of it's comrades. As a third charged the HeadHunter from behind, the SPARTAN elbowed it in the abdominal area, then slashed across it's chest with the energy sword. With two swords in hand, Tyson became a whirlwind of destruction, annihilating the elite attack force. Pausing briefly to admire the destruction that he had caused, Tyson retrieved the location of the base from one of his slain enemies.

As the base was within a few kilometers, Tyson easily arrived there via the transport used by the Sangheili attack group, taking position on an overhanging cliff. After activating the armour's stealth capability, he proceeded to slip down into the base courtyard, and towards the command centre. As he moved between the shadows, the Headhunter noticed an unusual lack of guards at the base, which he quickly deemed as an advantage for him. Slipping into the command centre, the SPARTAN noticed a single Elite, monitoring the controls. Attempting to approach this Sangheili only revealed his position to it, who turned, seeing the SPARTAN. The Sangheili, wearing the armour of a Light of Sanghelios, introduced himself as Fal Karen'i, and stated that a SPARTAN was by far a worthy challenge for his skills. Without any warning, Karen'i proceeded to leap at the SPARTAN, slashing repeatedly with an energy sword. Tyson attempted to parry, but the alien's skill was far greater than his own, with the SPARTAN barely avoiding decapitation. As the Elite stood over him, angling for the kill, a battle rifle burst hit it's back, lowering it's shields. Using this to his advantage, Tyson punched the alien in the face, knocking him out. Standing to see his saviour, Tyson locked eyes with an ODST. The pair stared at each other for a minute, before the ODST proceeded to run, alongside several other prisoners. Picking up Karen'i, Tyson managed to carry the alien outside the base and into the courtyard. With the chaos of the prison riot going on, the Headhunter had an easy escape, managing to make it to the extraction point alongside a still-unconscious Karen'i. Tyson observed the unconscious alien, knowing that he would gladly kill him, if he awakened. Tyson was extracted via pelican, and Karen'i taken to a UNSC prison.

Rise of the Created

"So, we're fighting robots now?"

"Looks like it."


-A conversation between Tyson-B245 and Jashael-B014

As Tyson was a SPARTAN-III, he was one of the targets listed by the Created during their interstellar takeover. As Tyson had recently been issued Mjolnir Gen2, he was at a UNSC military base that came under attack when the Created invaded earth. Upon donning the armour, the base came under attack by Forerunner Phaetons, eliminating any UNSC air resistance. Noticing Promethean forces invading the base, Tyson reached Jashael over the comms, stating that she needed to meet him on the far side of the base. Upon terminating this communication, Tyson armed himself with an Assault Rifle, and proceeded to attack and destroy several promethean Armigers. This attracted the attention of multiple circling Phaetons, which attempted a dive bomb. Taking note of this, the Headhunter boosted into the seat of one such Phaeton, using it to eliminate Promethean ground forces. Making it to the far side of the base with this new vehicle, the SPARTAN leaped out as missiles slammed into the aircraft. Slipping behind a container, Tyson made it to a hidden Black Cat-Class subprowler that the base had kept as an emergency escape vehicle. As the prowler had been stocked with food and water beforehand, it could easily be used to escape the Sol system. Jashael arrived shortly afterwards, carrying an elderly Mako the chicken. Jumping into the pilot seat of the subprowler, Tyson piloted it past the ongoing space battle above earth, eventually moving into slipspace.

Pickup by Orosan Frotalkii

However, the subprowler only had a finite power source, with it eventually running out, leaving the pair stranded in deep space, with little to no hope of rescue. However, the atmosphere of the prowler held, allowing for a mediocre existence drifting among the stars. After a week of living in such a way, Tyson noticed searchlights on the edge of the ship's still-active sensor array. Using a handheld comm in an attempt to contact the ship, Tyson succeeded in contacting the ship, which identified itself as the Lightbolt, a smugglers ship. Recognising the name, Tyson introduced himself as "The SPARTAN from the Covenant battleship". At this, the communication was cut, and the Lightbolt approached. Hooking onto the subprowler, Frotalkii boarded the vehicle, reacquainting himself with his old friend. Afterwards, the SPARTANs joined the crew of the Axtri'Calli, knowing that there was a life to be made. However, he later discovered that Kareni was among the crew of the Lightbolt, inquiring as to why the Sangheili criminal was given a space aboard. Frotalkii responded that the knowledge that Kareni had of Kra'dossh battle tactics was invaluable, as the crew was planning an attack on them. As he was interested, the crew prepared for the mission.

Personality and Traits

Recruited into Beta company at age seven, Tyson-B245 was not an individual known for his mercy, being relentless when attacking his enemies. His headhunter conditioning left him with almost no remorse. One instance of this was during Cesar's betrayal of him, as he shot the insurrectionist without a second thought. Postwar, Tyson became weary with a life of killing, finding it hard to stay afloat. After joining the crew of Frotalkii, he retained his remorseless nature, knowing that the galaxy was a lot more dangerous.

Tyson was a Caucasian male, with black hair and brown eyes. His height was close to average for a SPARTAN, a fact which he found irritating due to his competitive nature.