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Type-8 Energy Weapon/Glaive
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The Type-8 Energy Weapon/Glaive, or Energy Glaive, is a weapon used by the USR. The weapon has long been associated with temple guards and pilgrims.


The Energy Glaive is a large melee used by the Sangheili. The weapon consists of a six foot haft, and a fan shaped blade. Like the Energy Pike, the Glaive uses a blade enhanced with a keen plasma edge. This creates an unassuming weapon that quickly becomes lethal at the press of a button. This plasma edge can slice through infantry with ease, and is a lethal instrument. It is traditionally the weapon of the Temples, and their guardsmen, and for ages this weapon, and it's predecessors, has been used to slay bandits who prey on the faithful. The weapon can drag a mounted warrior to the ground for the killing blow, or keep a swordsman at arms length.

Today, the weapon is seen in the hands of priests, monks, and the Guardians of Faith order.



The Hermitage is a revered holy weapon, held in the temple of Kalmaras as a relic. It was once used by a hermit, who lived in the Stalwart Hills, above the pilgrimage route to the High Temple of Kalmaras. It was often a sight of predation by bandits, who would attack weary pilgrims. The hermit who wielded this weapon responded to their cries, and fell upon bandits with a great and furious rage. The hermit eventually grew old, and finally lost his life, though the battle was won. His body, and his weapon, were carried to the temple, where the weapon was consecrated, and his body burned, the ash used to anoint the weapon.

Pilgrim's Pride

Passed through Guardians who held the shrine to Saint Gurkash, the weapon's glittering purple edge was often the first relic pilgrims witnessed, and the last thing brigands saw. The blade has long been a presence at the shrine, and never strays far, except to protect pilgrims in the valley below.

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