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Type-7 Energy Weapon/Spear
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Necros War




The Type-7 Energy Weapon/Spear, or Energy Spear, is a weapon used by the USR


A long handled weapon with a pair of fan shaped blades sitting atop it, the Spear is traditionally a weapon of defenders, usually those who stand upon the walls of the Keep. This became a traditional weapon of the Sangheili, and while not as common as the venerable Sword, its still a deadly instrument. With its wide blade, and long reach, it can easily keep a sword user at bay and even challenge a weapon user.

The weapon is most commonly seen on the walls of Keeps, their long reach perfect at casting back attackers. The weapon enjoys an excellent following and reputation, considered as honoured as the sword is inside many Keeps. The weapon is also popular with the elite Light of Helios, who brandish the weapon in defence of their charges.


Window To The Soul

Over time, weapons come to reflect their owner, and this Spear's ancient age, numerous tally marks, and refined trophies dangling from the haft. Many heroes have taken up this blade in defence of their home, and once again it has been raised, against the foes who would usurp Sanghelios from her people.

Tempered Wrath

Tempered Wrath's metal exterior hides a Forerunner power source, a heretical modification, but only if its found. The blade hums and cracks with power, and even a light tap can transfer enough force to launch a foe back. Such weapons have become popular following the end of the war, and this one has been seen in the hands of numerous warriors.


Forgiveness is not given, its earned. Brother fought brother in the Blooding Years, with many abandoning their keep to join the Storm Covenant, or worse. Recalcitrance was taken by it's owner, Juyi Harodi, when he abandoned his Keep to join the Storm. Juyi returned, years later, his armour cracked and broken, carrying trophies of his former comrades to lay at the feet of his Kaidon, seeking forgiveness.

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