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Type-76 Heavy Support Weapon
Production information

Type-76 Heavy Support Weapon



Technical specifications
Magazine Size

11 Canisters

Ammunition Type

Condensed Plasma Munitions

Rate of Fire

Sustained beam




Necros War




The Type-76 Heavy Support Weapon is a Republic weapon, used by the armed forces to combat a variety of opponents, including light to medium armour, fortifications and infantry.


The Type-76 HSW, also known as the Assault Cannon, is a refinement of the Assault Cannon used by Hunters in the Covenant before and after the schism. This was designed to be more readily used by Sangheili infantry men. While heavy, it is low on recoil, and exceedingly dangerous when used at short range.

The Assault Cannon uses a internal drum carrying 11 canisters of plasma munitions, which can be reloaded externally. One of these canisters is loaded into the firing chamber, and fired. The two firing modes of the weapon, are either a low power, two shot burst. While less powerful than the Fuel Rod Gun, this burst can damage light vehicles, or scatter infantry formations. Alternately, and most commonly, it is deployed as a beam, with a three second sustained beam. This beam is highly destructive, melting through armour, buildings, infantry and light vehicles. These beam burns incredibly hot and hits a target with incendiary gel, often outright incinerating infantry caught in front of it. Before firing either mode, the weapon has a brief 'charge' time. In actuality, the canisters are emptied into the firing chamber for expulsion.

The weapon has the secondary function of having three fix canisters than can empty out those canisters on the gun. While this can take time, it means the gun can fire a sustained nine second beam, or six sustained shots. The canisters are ejected once used and have to be reloaded manually.

It is used to put sustained fire onto enemy forces, often cutting down infantry formations, and grievously damaging light and medium armour, as well as being exceedingly effective against buildings. However, it lacks enough power to be effective against heavy armour and fortifications.

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