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Type-66 Anti Vehicle/Anti Aircraft Munitions Launcher
Production information

Type-66 Anti Vehicle/Anti Aircraft Munitions Launcher


Anti-Tank/Air weapon

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

very high

Magazine Size


Ammunition Type

crystalline "needles"




Swords of Sanghelios


The Type-66 Anti Vehicle/Anti Aircraft Munitions Launcher is the main anti-aircraft weapon of the Swords of Sanghelios, being capable of engaging both slow and fast moving aircraft.


The Needle Cannon is based on the technology of the smaller Needler, and uses the heavily modified frame of the Fuel Rod Gun. The Needle Cannon fires high power, high speed needles, allowing it to take down aircraft.

The needles are loaded by inserting a charger bloc into the rear of the gun and sealing the upper carapace down, automatically loading the seven needles, which appear out of the top. The weapon uses a three round rotating block to improve the rate of fire, firing, loading, and extracting spent needles in one quick process. The Needles have a high speed, reaching near hypervelocity on terminal approach, and have advance guidance that can reject some countermeasures and sensor jamming. The Needle Cannon designates a target through a infra-red/ultraviolet long distance scope. It requires visual contact to get a lock, though can track through obstacles once locked. However, countermeasures can break locks, meaning the projectile usually veers off and self destructs.

The enlarged needle projectile is specially designed to fracture into accelerated projectiles on contact, sending a number of shards into the target, which then explode themselves, along with the original, embedded projectile. This detonation is usually enough to heavily damage or outright destroy vehicles.


Nemesis Star

An improved variant, issued in only limited numbers, the Nemesis Star has improved accuracy and tracking, though its higher cost sees it only kept as a emergency weapon for dire circumstances.

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