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Type-60 Sniper Rifle System
Production information

Achoem Weapons




Sniper Rifle System

Technical specifications
Magazine Size


Ammunition Type

Pressurized Plasma Jelly


Accurate to 1200 metres


Necros War




"Saw an Elite use one of those Fuel Rod snipers once on a Covvie tank: punched straight through the thing's armour and exploded on the other side. Wiped out a whole lance of Covenant, and scared the mess out of me"
―Anonymous UNSC Marine

The Type-60 Sniper Rifle System, called the Fuel Rod Rifle, is a heavy duty sniper rifle used by the Republic. Based on designs once fielded against the UNSC, the Fuel Rod Sniper is now used against the Covenant, hunting armour and infantry.


Originally developed in the late twenties, as a possible entry for the Covenant's sniper rifle, the original Fuel Rod Rifle was unpredictable, and unreliable, with as many prototypes exploding into a fiery shower as there were successful firings. The design was scrapped, mostly, but a few armourers at Achoem Weapons continued to work on the design. Largely completed in 2547, it was declined for deployment, in favour of the in-production Beam Rifle and Focus Rifle.

With the war's end, and the beginning of the Blooding Years, Achoem Weapons marketed it's design to the Swords of Sanghelios, exhibiting its lethality in ousting warriors in close quarters. The Sword procurement specialists were so pleased with it that they ordered huge numbers immediately.


The Fuel Rod Rifle is the USR's anti-vehicle/armor sniper system. Using powerful launching systems, the Fuel Rod Rifle launches a powerful, yet compact, liquid plasma munition, firing it as a long stream. This munitions high velocity allows it to penetrate armour before losing integrity, wherein the plasma rapidly heats and expands, essentially causing an explosion. While the explosion has a relatively restricted yield, it is useful against infantry hiding in cover, and heavily damaging light vehicles, inflicting mobility kills.

The four shot magazine is fitted into the gun by sliding the hand guard forward and inserting as a en-bloc clip into the gun. The gun is fitted with a variable electronic sight, with a maximum of ten times zoom.



Efforts to improve lethality of fuel rod ammunition has trickled down to the Fuel Rod Rifle, with improved ammunition, with improved lethality. The rounds yield larger explosions on detonation, clearing enemies in cover with ease.

Hero's Disdain

Sometimes, Covenant heroes are the hardest targets, clad in heavy armour and shielding capable of deflecting munitions meant for tanks. A weapon was needed to crush these foes. Requested by Assassins in the employ of the Republic, this rifles had a high rate of fire, and an enormously lethal munition, at the cost of explosive radius.

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