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Plasma Cannon
Production information

Type-58 Directed Energy Support Weapon

Technical specifications
Ammunition Type

superheated plasma


Necros War




The Type-58 Directed Energy Support Weapon, also referred to as the Plasma Cannon is a heavy weapon of the Republic, utilised for defending strongpoints, and mounting on vehicles.


A heavy duty weapon, the Type-58 Plasma Cannon is the successor to earlier Plasma Cannons. These older models were manufactured in the Sacred Promissory on High Charity, with an elegant design created by the San'Shyuum. With the fall of High Charity, the design survived, but proved too complex to adapt to other manufacturing methods. A simplified weapon has prevailed, manufactured by Achoem Weapons.

The replacement, designated the Type-58, lacks some of the refinement, instead focusing on simplicity and ease of manufacture. It is heavier than previous models, and suffers some issues with reliability, these problems have been eased over the years of manufacturing.

A heavy duty cannon, it produces a hail of plasma fire enough to tear from infantry formations, and pin them down, or shred light infantry. The weapon is packaged with a tripod, using a stabilised anti-gravity mount. It can also be mounted on vehicles, such as on Phantom doors, or on the pintle mount of a Wraith. It can also be carried dismounted, producing a hail of fire against infantry in close quarters.

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