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""Breathe in and hold. Cross-hair to head. Pull the trigger. This sweet little machine does the rest.""
―CR Jiralhanae Sniper

Pine Rifle.png
Pine Rifle
Production information

Pyroneous Industries




Scout Projectile Launcher

Technical specifications
  • length: 180cm
  • width: 35cm
  • height: 55cm
Damage Per Hit

Very High

Magazine Size

15 rounds

Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Pyronic Rounds


Pyronic Firing System

Rate of Fire

2 rounds per second




~2500 metres


Necros War


The Type-55 Scout Projectile Launcher, more commonly referred to as the Pine Rifle, is the Jiralhanae Alliance's main anti-infantry sniper rifle.


The Pine Rifle is very similar in purpose and mechanics to the Thorn Rifle but is, however, less powerful. Depsite this, it can hold more rounds in its magazine and can fire quicker too. It has less recoil and slightly less range then the Thorn Rifle but is lighter and more durable in combat. It is desgined to take out soft targets with one shot, however it may take more than one depending on shielding, armour and of course, the target itself. They are also cheeper than their more powerful brother, and are therefore deployed more frequently amoung military combatants. Overall this weapon is a light, farily powerful and accurate sniper rifle, and has become a great asset on many battlefields.

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