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Type-52 Aerial Assault Barge
Production information

Assembly Forges

Product line

Assault Barge

Technical specifications

Pinch fusion reactor


Heavy Barrier Generator

Sensor Systems

Reclamation-class Luminary

Year introduced



Heavy Assault Vehicle


Human-Covenant War


CovGlyph1.png Covenant Empire

"Hard to convince yourself the Covenant can be beaten, when you know they have war machines like that out there."
―UNSC Marine during the Harvest Campaign.

The Dragon, officially designated the Type-52 Ultra Heavy Assault Barge, was a Covenant ground assault aircraft and variant of the Type-26 Aerial Artillery Platform used during the Human-Covenant War. An imposing floating dreadnought powered by Covenant anti-gravity technology, the Dragon combined resilient energy shielding normally seen only on heavily fortified structures with the devastating firepower of a Scarab's focus cannon. Fortunately, it was an extremely rare vehicle, only seen a few times during the war, and thought to be a unique design used by a high-ranking leader of the Covenant military.



As the Covenant war machine began production for its war with humanity, the Minister of Resolution, a high-ranking general of the Covenant army, ordered the creation of a personal chariot to direct battles from on the front while locating and securing Forerunner relics. The design was handled by some of the most respected Weapons Masters of the age, based along the lines of the Chimera, which was just going into the production phase. Several inches of armor were sacrificed in some areas to allow room for a shield generator, along with an advanced fusion reactor to supply the required energy. Having seen the unexpected combat effectiveness of the Scarab mining platform in the ongoing battle for Harvest, the decision was made to incorporate a focus cannon as the vehicle's main armament. With the designs finalized, the Dragon was constructed by the Assembly Forges within the lower districts of High Charity.

Harvest Campaign


Fall of Reach

Battle of Japan





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