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Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher/Explosive
Production information

Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher/Explosive



Technical specifications

Length: 91 cm Mass:9.8 kg

Damage Per Hit


Ammunition Type

High power plasma charges

Rate of Fire







Necros War






The Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher/Explosive, also known as the Plasma Launcher, is a Covenant and USR heavy weapon used for a variety of purposes against airborne, vehicular, infantry and static targets.


The Type-52 GML/E is a heavy, multipurpose weapon issued to heavy weapon specialists in the Covenant when they can expect to face a multitude of enemy forces. The weapon works much like a scaled down plasma torpedo, using magnetic tunnelling to form and guide the munitions to their target to destroy it. The Plasma Launcher uses a day/thermal scope, which links to a side mounted holographic sight and is used for guiding the weapon. The weapon utilises four magnetic arrays, which super compress gas in the local area to form four high explosive plasma bolts, each of which takes less than a second to form, and forms all four in a short period. The thermal scope locks onto high heat sources, such as vehicles, engines and infantry. The magnetic array then generates a tunnel for the plasma bolts. This tunnel homes the explosive plasma ordnance onto the target, where the magnetic field adheres them to the target before they go super critical and explode. Each munition travels at several hundred metres a second, similar speeds to guided missiles.

Newer USR models have independent tracking for all four plasma munitions, allowing the weapon to track four independent targets in alternate tracking mode, by tagging four targets with the sight, and both newer and older models have a free fire mode for operating against static targets.



Sword technicians are on a constant lookout to see where they can improve, and refine existing technology. With the Plasma Launcher, they sought to improve range, speed and tracking, creating an ever-ready threat against Covenant air power, and defending their strong holds.

The Devourer

Named for a four headed Helioskrill of myth, the Devourer is the result of unfettered ambition, and unrestrained will. Created by a weaponsmith to resemble the beast of legend, this Plasma Launcher can charge all four shots at once, and fire them all off simultaneously.

UNSC Remarks

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