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Energy Stave
Production information

Type-4 Energy Weapon/Pike


Melee Weapon

Technical specifications

14 feet long

Fire Mode





Close Range


Medium-Long Range Weapon


The Type-4 Energy Weapon/Pike, or Energy Pike, is a weapon used by Sangheili honour guards.


The Energy Pike, sometimes called the Energy Stave, is a Sangheili weapon used almost exclusively by the Honour Guards. A deeply ceremonial weapon, it is traditionally the weapon of Keep Guards, and this crossed over to the Honour Guards. The weapons are intricate and mostly ceremonial, but still remain functional and deadly. The weapon projects a plasma field when activated, creating a shroud of white hot plasma that can burn through armour with ease. The long staffed pikes can easily be thrust through a an armoured soldier, keeping their enemy at arms length, and protecting their charges.

Each weapon is master-crafted for the guard, and is inlaid with silver filigree, creating a stand-out weapon, and a warning for any that come too close.


Bulwark Imperial

Energy Pikes have long been the weapon of choice for the Honour Guard, and the Bulwark Imperial was one of the first. It was traditionally held by the head of the guard, and survived the Fall of High Charity. The weapon made it into the hands of the reconstituted Honour Guard, who keep it as a relic for the Guard General.

Tarnished Soul

When the Prophet of Truth ordered the changing of the guard, master crafted Pikes, beloved by their wielders, fell into the hands of the upstart Jiralhanae, who mistreated the elegant weapon as a simple instrument. Most were never recovered, except for the one that became known as Tarnished Soul. Wielded by the warlord Hurikus as a badge of honour, it was recaptured when the chieftain met his end at the hands of Sword assassins. During Hurikus' possession, it was covered in crude trophies taken from his victims, and was modified with gravitic impellers that allowed the user to lunge forward at astounding speeds.

Honour Reforged

When Iurya 'Fashka learned his charge, the Minister of Recompense, had betrayed his whole species, he impaled him on the Pike intended to protect the Minister and snapped it in half. Taking the two broken halves with him, Iurya wandered to find a worthy master. After years of wanderings, he came to the feet of Arbiter 'Vadam, and finally found a worthy charge to protect. The Pike was reforged and made whole again, and became an instrument to protect leader of the Sword of Sanghelios.

UNSC Remarks

"It's a shame they don't use them things out of ceremonies more often; they keep 'em so sharp, I've seen one cut through a concrete wall."

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