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Type-4 Burnspear
Production information

Huna 'Chavam





Technical specifications

537 cm

Ammunition Type

Superheated metal




"The Burnspear is an ancient weapon awoken to serve once more after millenniums of slumber... Take this, Lhor, this is the first one to see the light again for so many years and wield it with that strong honor of yours."
Huna 'Chavam before she hands over her first Burnspear to Lhor Konar.

The Type-4 Burnspear is an ancient Sangheili weapon from the time before and during the birthing years of the Covenant. It is believed to have been the predecessor of the Energy Stave and is also considered a special variant of Burnblade that the Sangheili also used at the time of the formation of the Covenant. The spear is made of a long pole that houses a powerful plasma battery that leads the tiny streams of plasma through a small network of cables spread out within the interior of the two fork like blades and heat the metal from the inside out. The weapon have great balance due to counter wights inside the bottom of the spear to balance out the wight from the two large blades.

The weapon was reintroduced the years after the Great Schism. A schematic was discovered by Huna 'Chavam on Sanghelios. Huna took the blueprints and improved upon the interior design, making it more power efficient and implanted newer and more advanced technology into it.


The Burnspear is, like the Energy Stave, more of a ceremonial weapon than an actual frontline weapon. That being said it is nonetheless a very deadly weapon to anyone it's being pointed at. The burnsoear make use of the principles as the Burnblade and victims suffer great 3rd degree burn around the cut that can cut through most types of armor. The two blades are great for both stabbing and slashing enemies from far away and its rather light wight for a Sangheili makes it a quick weapon that deliver multiple strikes within a short period of time.

Known Burnspears

  • Edge of Honor: The Edge of Honor was Hunas first successfully created Burnspear which she had created for her injured lover and mate, Lhor Konar, but didn't give it to him right away due to Lhor suffering from addiction to his painkillers, depression and an identity crisis due to his great faith in the Great Journey and had taken the San'Shyuums betrayal extremely hard. She later gave it to him when he had somewhat recovered and joined the Sangheili Alliance.
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