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Production information

Type-4 Anti Material Grenade

Technical specifications

The Type-4 Anti Material Grenade is a large hand grenade used by the infantry forces of the USR.


The Fusion Grenade is about twice the size of a Plasma Grenade, a feature that, when considered alongside its' handheld "baseball" nature can make holding and throwing it a challenge. However, given the large nature of Sangheili hands, this drawback is not overly damaging.

The fusion grenade uses a 'slow burn' plasma detonation to produce a wide area burning effect, melting through armour, equipment and people. This allows it to be used as a anti-materiel grenade, destroying vulnerable systems, or immobilising armour. The grenade's adhesive properties have been modified so it can stick to any structure, allowing it to be applied to stationary weapons, ammunition stores, fuel supplies or stationary vehicles.

UNSC Remarks

"Fire in the hole....!"

"First time I tried to use one, I just about blew myself up! Turns out, when you use it in really hot environments its screws up with the innards of this thing and it blows up early. Good old Chem 101 nearly turned yours truly into the Human Torch."

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