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Type-47 Silent Munitions Launcher
Production information

Type-47 Silent Munitions Launcher


Silent Weapon

Technical specifications
  • Length: 90cm
  • Mass: 7.5 kg
Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

15 rounds

Ammunition Type

ferric tungsten "nails"


magnetic accelerator

Rate of Fire





short to medium


Necros War


various silenced firearms (UNSC)


sniper rifles, battle/assault rifles




The Type-47 Silent Munitions Launcher is a USR infantry weapon used by special forces infiltrators due to its low sonic signature.


The Nail Gun is a magnetic accelerator weapon, using a series of cricle shaped magnetics to accelerate a magnetic slug. The gun only fires to subsonic speeds, allowing it to avoid the traditionally loud noises associate with supersonic munitions or plasma accelerators. Because at no point does the slug contact with the magnetics, it produces no friction and muzzle flash. The Nail gun is fed by a three round magazine, inserted at the fore of the weapon. Along the upper carapace of the weapon is the cooling shroud, which is designed to minimise the thermal signature of the weapon to allow it to fire continuously without fail.

The slugs are specially designed to cause significant harm to the target on impact. It carries a spitzer type warhead, boat tail construction, made from a heavy metal designed to maintain momentum and specially engineered to yaw and tumble once its inside its target. At short range, where the Nail Gun is designed to operate, its incredibly deadly, often penetrating shields and armoury, and instantly killing most targets through hydrostatic shock and severe internal trauma.

Sangheili special forces use this at short range, where they are unable to get close enough to use a blade, or their bare hands. Its effective to around a hundred metres, but beyond that will be stopped by most shield generators.

UNSC Remarks

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