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Thorn Rifle
Production information

Pyroneous Industries


Type-40 (HV AA)


Support Projectile Launcher


3100cR (UNSC)

Technical specifications
  • length: 200cm
  • width: 25cm
  • height: 50cm
Damage Per Hit

Extremely High

Magazine Size
  • 10 rounds
Maximum Ammunition
  • 30 rounds (3 magazines)
Fire Mode


Ammunition Type
  • Pyronic Rounds

Anti-Armour Support

Rate of Fire
  • 1 rounds per two seconds



Extremely High

  • SRS-99 (UNSC)
  • various Machina Anti-materiel rifles
  • Coilgun (Necros)

The High Velocity Anti-Armour Support Projectile Launcher, or more comonly known as the Thorn Rifle, is the Jiralhanae Kingdoms's main anti-armour rifle. With extreme fire power, accuracy and range, this weapon causes havoc to light vehicles and shielded opponents. However it is very expensive and a huge hassle to maintain and repair.


It packs a high punch and can knock out a Grade 3 shield in one shot. However it can overheat if used too much and becomes hard to handle after long use due to the recoil strain put on the weilder. However it's high accuracy and power makes up for this annoyance and short term use, as it can easily rip through infantry targets and can demobilize many light vehicles.


"I've dealt with many weapons throughout my career, however this weapon is profound. It's ridiculously powerful and accurate. I've seen gruesome deaths caused by this machine; foes viscously ripped apart. It's an annoyance to maintain though." - Jiralhanae Kingdoms Brute Ultra (Weapons Specialist)

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