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Type-37 Anti-Infantry Fragmentation Launcher
Production information


Technical specifications
Magazine Size


Ammunition Type

Synthetic Crystal Fluid Containers


Post Covenant-Human War

  • Covenant Remnant
  • Covenant Splinter Factions
  • Covenant Separatists

The Type-37 Anti-Infantry Fragmentation Launcher or Needle Cannon is a powerful cross between Fuel Rod and Needler developed in early 2553 by the Covenant Remnant.


The Needle Cannon is often used as an Anti-Infantry or Anti-Armour weapon due to its explosive qualities, it fires a single arm-sized crystal which explodes into shards and smaller crystals on impact. It is used as an alternative to the Fuel Rod when said weapon is unavailable; it is used extensively by Unggoy Heavies. While useful against shields and Power-Armour, it is essentially useless against heavy plating. The cannon is in fact, very cheap and easy to construct, with ammo being easily and cheaply mass produced also. This is the main reason why it is used by Unggoy, because of its ease of use and construction. It uses the frame of a fuel rod and the alloy and firing mechanism of a needler.


• Effective against lightly-Aarmoured and shielded targets. • Cheap • Ease of use.


• Useless against Vehicles and Heavily armoured Targets. • Heavy • Useless at close-range.

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