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Type-34 Automatic Explosive Munitions Rifle
Production information
Technical specifications
Magazine Size

50 needles

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Subanese crystal projectiles



Rate of Fire

Roughly 800 rounds per minute


~0.6 milliradians


Effective up to roughly 140 meters


The Type-34 Automatic Explosive Munitions Rifle, more commonly known as the Shrieker by UNSC troops, was a Covenant infantry weapon that saw limited use during the first half of the Human-Covenant War. The Shrieker was essentially a hybrid of the needler and the needle rifle, capable of rapid automatic fire like the needler but with larger unguided projectiles like the needle rifle, while also occupying a middle ground between those two weapons in terms of size, accuracy, range, and the explosive power of its projectiles.

Design Details

The Shrieker was likely the closest thing to a traditional human assault rifle seen in the Covenant's small arms arsenal during the first 15 years of the Human-Covenant War. It was a compact, magazine-fed automatic weapon, with greater power and range than the needler, but less than the needle rifle. The weapon was a rare sight on the battlefield, and it is theorized to either have been produced in very limited numbers or restricted to specific units within the Covenant Army. The Shrieker was primarily wielded by Sangheili and Kig-Yar Skirmishers.

Like the Needler and the Needle Rifle, the Shrieker used needle-like shards of a unique crystalline substance as ammunition. These incredibly sharp "needles", mined from the moon Suban, possessed a unique property which caused them to explode shortly after embedding themselves in an object. The needles were capable of penetrating light armor, and their explosive effect obliterated organic tissue, making them devastatingly lethal against "soft" unarmored targets. Microsharpnel from an exploded needle could also render electronic equipment inoperable, and was harmful if inhaled, affecting lung tissue in a manner similar to fiberglass, in addition to being mildly carcinogenic. In addition, if a living target was stuck with enough needles (five or more needles in the case of the Shrieker), the needles would "supercombine", resulting in a large explosion which could instantly mutilate humans and most types of Covenant infantry. However, energy shields would often prevent needles from supercombining.

Unlike other needle-based Covenant weapons, the Shrieker featured an "airburst" setting, by which the operator could set a distance at which the needles would automatically detonate while in-flight. While this was not particularly effective at physically stopping enemy soldiers, it was a powerful psychological deterrent. Covenant troops would use this feature for coordinated area-denial tactics, warding off their foes with the countless small but frightening explosions. This was also commonly used to disable enemy equipment, as microshrapnel from the needles interfered heavily with electrical componentry if it became embedded in such things.

The most distinctive quality of the Shreiker was the sound it made when fired, for which it was named. UNSC troops often described it as an ear-splitting, high-pitched shriek or scream. Exactly what caused this unusual noise is unknown, but many UNSC soldiers found it utterly terrifying. The sound further added to the Shrieker's already hefty psychological impact.



UNSC Remarks

"The Shrieker really isn't any more effective than any of the Covies' other needle-type guns, it's just scarier. And those alien bastards know it too. I swear that sometimes the Elites will shoot them straight into the air just so that they can see us squirm when we hear that godawful shriek. Thank God it's such a damn rarity."
―An anonymous UNSC Marine.

"It's a damned shame that the Shrieker is so awkward to use and that ammo for it is so scarce. Otherwise I'd toss my MA5 for one in a heartbeat. Then again, damn spooks would never let me keep it..."
―An anonymous UNSC Marine.
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