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Type-34 Energy Weapon/Lance
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The Type-34 Energy Weapon/Lance is a Sangheili energy weapon. A difficult to handle weapon, the Lance is considered a master's weapon, being highly dangerous in skilled hands.


The Lance is a polearm weapon used by the Sangheili, designed for battling multiple opponents. The weapon features a five foot long haft, and at each end it has a matching long blade. These blades differ on design depending on creator, but tend to be matching blades, often with a single edged blade with a catch on the dull edge. The blades are arranged opposite to one another, so a blade with always face the enemy.

Because of it's double ended nature, the blade is as dangerous to a novice as it is to an enemy. However, once learned, the weapon becomes a fantastic weapon, being able to rapidly strike from other directions with the twist of a wrist.


Tale of Tales

A weapon often carries with it a legacy, a history. Tale of Tales eclipses all in this regard. This blade has seen battle across hundreds of worlds, against every conceivable foe. There have been so many wielders, that their deeds and stories require their own library.

The weapon seemingly finds a way into the hands of the worthy, who carry on the famous story of the blade.

Storm's Passing

The last blade of a famed swordsmith, before he gave up the trade for good, Storm's Passing is a lightweight blade, and seemingly hungers for blood. The blade moves so fast, it leaves only a trail of light, and crackling energy behind it.

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