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Type-31 Anti-Infantry Burst Gun
Production information

Merchants of Quikost



Technical specifications
Magazine Size


Ammunition Type

18mm Fuel Rod




short range




The Type-31 Anti-Infantry Burst Gun, called the Fuel Rod Burster, is a weapon used by the USR. A short ranged weapon, it is used by the Republic to clear out enemy positions at short range.


Created in the years following the war, the Burster was the brain child of the Merchants of Quikost. Lifted from the yoke of the Covenant's tyrannical views on innovation, they began to experiment with fuel-rod type weaponry, developing new munition types, and new methods of employing it.

One of the results of this experimentation was the Fuel Rod Burster. A pistol sized weapon, it is fitted with a four round cylinder. It utilises smaller sized fuel rod rounds, and a two-stage firing chamber, that feeds the rounds magnetic firing chamber and destabilized, producing a short range spray effect of multiple liquid plasma globules. These produce terrifying effects against crowds of unarmoured, unshielded foes, producing high velocity impact, explosive and plasma burns, often killing targets outright and sending them several feet backwards. Against heavy infantry, it can blow through shields, armour, flesh and bone in a single spray. It can also stun a Hunter, and cause significant damage. While it lacks penetration against heavy armour, its good at damaging light armour up close.

Used as a back up by the Sangheili, or by brave warriors in close quarters, its greatest strength is being able to quickly force an enemy back, making it favoured by ship crews in dangerous space, or pilots shot down, as well as snipers and infiltrators.


Cataclysm's Blessing

Efforts to improve the Burster have met with equal parts failure and success. The few successful variations are either too expensive, or too unreliable. This falls into the former category. It packs increased damage, and reduced recoil, but is too expensive for general distribution.

Starfarer's Wrath

A weapon personally modified for Mahkee 'Chava, the Starfarer's Wrath was built to exacting specifications. When fired, the submunitions detonate based on proximity, and ricochet off walls. To do this, it uses an advanced fire control system that links into armour sights to spot it's prey. Since then, several weapons have been built based on this infamous pattern, but its expense means its very rare.

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