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Type-28 Defoliant Projector
Production information

Type-28 Defoliant Projector

Technical specifications

Necros War




The Type-28 Defoliant Projector is a USR support weapon.


Built from the frame of the Plasma Cannon, it remains nearly the same in terms of design, the only differences being the inside mechanics, the large canisters on each side, and the pipe and spout that comes from the end of the Flamer. Kept in the two canisters is a large amount of superheated gases, which are kept highly pressurized so that they can be shot out quickly and to their maximum distance. The superheated gas is magnetically tunnelled on firing, producing a spray of fire so hot it can melt armour. Though short ranged, and short lived, this fire is enough to force troops out of defences, and disable vehicles. If the gas tank is penetrated, it will scold the user, but not significantly injure him, making it some what safe to use. The tanks can be refilled, but this takes up to ten seconds, during which the flamer produces a high pitched sound as it takes in and superheats gases.

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