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Type-9 Energy Weapon/Scythe
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The Type-19 Melee Weapon/Halberd is a Sangheili energy weapon. One of the longest weapons, it is difficult to use, even somewhat unwieldy, but pays off with incredible lethality.


The Halberd is a long weapon, designed for slaying sword wielders in open conflict. The haft, which usually measures at around 9-10 feet, gives it incredible reach. These hafts are often built of tough, stout material, that makes them weighty, but difficult to break. The blade head is made of two blades, similar to one half of an inverted sword blade. Due to the unique shape of it, it is difficult to successfully block or evade, and even if it is done, the blade can then quickly disarm them.

It's length and weight at both its greatest strength, and greatest weakness, as it cannot be used in close quarters, such as inside a Keep or starship. On the open field of battle, however, it can be used to cut a swathe through whole crowds.


Apostate's Faith

When the Writ of Union was signed, not all accepted it. Commander Uroi 'Talam took his Halbered, and wandered into the mountains, swearing that he would never bend a knee before the Prophets. He attracted all kinds of dissidents, including former warriors, monks, and others. When the Prophets learned of this, they ordered his execution. In the battle that followed, Uroi, and all his disciples, fell. Of the Covenant attackers, only one survived the battle, and so changed by the conflict, he took Uroi's weapon, and fled himself. The weapon eventually came to the true Ascetics, who tended it carefully, until such a time it could take it's vengeance on the Covenant.

The End

All things end, and this weapon is a testament to it. Once the tool of an executioner, the End has been bathed in the blood of hundreds, perhaps thousands, including the guilty and innocent, the young and old, the faithful and apostate. The last wielder was the Prophet of Regret's executioner, who realised the great evil he committed in the Prophet's name, and took his own life using his weapon. This weapon has seen been locked in a vault, considered far too cursed to be used, lest it corrupt the wielder.

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