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Type-17 Energy Greatsword
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The Type-17 Energy Greatsword, is the larger cousin to the venerable Energy Sword. Hailing from Sanghelios' ancient past as a sword meant to kill mount and rider in a single hit, it required enormous strength, and surprising finesse to wield. A few sword smiths still make these weapons, substituting steel for contained plasma.


Much like the Energy Sword, it uses magnetic containment and a high-power battery to generate a blade made from white-hot plasma, sharp enough to cut through flesh and hot enough to melt through armour plate. Unlike the Energy Sword though, it is far large, being almost twice the length, and with a two handed hilt. The blade shape is traditionally different as well, and instead of each blade fan being thicker.

While it can still be used one handed, it is much easier to yield in two hands, but lacks finesse. These modern Greatswords are not ideal for close quarters, but their ability to wipe away whole crowds of lesser warriors, and their ability to cut through the armour or even a battle tank with ease, has guaranteed their continued use. These weapons have been seen in the hands of the strongest, most fool hardy warriors, cleaving vehicles apart in their wrath.


Armour's Fear

The works of master swordsmith Varil 'Tsundai are considered above other swords, Armour's Fear may not be his most famous work, but it is perhaps the deadliest. It burns far hotter than another other placed sword, and gravitic impellers allow it to be swung harder. The weapon has claimed the sizes of dozens of vehicles, cutting through the tough armoured shells of even Wraith tanks.

Champion's Might

Gifted to the most remarkable champions of the Danali Lineage, this weapon has been famed as a protector of the mountainous state, strike down any who dare invade. The sword is extremely decorative, and inscribed with the name of every wielder. Thanks to its master craftsman ship, it is extremely light, and easy to wield.


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