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Type-15 Melee Weapon/Knife
Production information

Close Range blade

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Close Quarters Weapon






The Type-15 Melee Weapon/Knife, also known as the Tactical Knife, Elite Knife, or Lacerator is a Sangheili close quarters weapon. The weapon has long been a ritual of Sangheili, with the blade often being given as a present to young Sangheili on their 6th birthday, when many choose to follow a martial life, or choose to follow another career. The blade is designed as a versatile survival tool, and as a weapon, encouraging many Sangheili youths to go out and preform wilderness survival trails to prove themselves. The weapon was banned from military edict by the Prophets, as they saw it as a weapon unsuitable for their 'cultured' body guards but the weapon was soon in frontline service when the schism began.

The weapon is a surprisingly heavy, and sturdily built flip knife with a curved, sickle like Karambit styled blade. The inside the blade is whicked sharp, with multiple serrations for multipurpose tool usage, and the tip of the blade is weighted with a internal heavy metal weighting system, increasing its slashing potential tenfold. The entire blade is created from heavy carbide materials, which make the blade unweildy in human hands, but significantly deadly in Sangheili hands. The blade features a double titanium liner lock and non slip-ergonomic grip designed for Sangheili hands. Though many youths often get ones based down through family history, these are reserved for youth trails, and a more standardised unit is issued for military use, though some Sangheili still prefer to use their more ceremonial gifts as offensive weapons. There are also larger ceremonial versions, and appropriate Type-15B which are issued to select warriors for special tasks. These blades are significantly larger, being more akin to short swords, with a much more pronounced curve. While it maintains many of the tactical and combat uses, it can also be used as a non-combat tool, such as for wood cutting, or clearing debris. This larger blade as much in common with the Kukri blade from Earth. It is significantly more deadly and can often severe a Brute's head in a single blow.

The Type-15 can be used to open food rations, skin animals, prepare animal carcasses for consumption, cut difficult objects and as a combat weapon, capable of severing vital points on the body or cutting a throat, while it's larger cousin can be used for similar duties, on a much larger scale and can be used to clear debris and provide non-explosive dynamic entry, and can be used as a deadly close combat weapon.

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