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Pinner Rifle
Production information

Pyroneous Industries


Type-14 Combat Rifle


Combat Rifle/Grenade Launcher

Technical specifications
  • length: 140cm
  • width: 25cm
  • height: 40cm
Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size
  • 15 rounds
  • 4 auto frags
Maximum Ammunition
  • 60 rounds (4 magazines)
  • 16 auto frags (4 canisters)
Fire Mode


Ammunition Type
  • Pyronic Rounds
  • Auto-detonation Frag Grenades

Advanced Combat

Rate of Fire
  • 3 rounds per second
  • 1 grenade per second



Fairly High


The Type-14 Combat Rifle, or the Pinner Rifle, is a weapon used by the Jiralhanae Alliance.


The Pinner Rifle is a semi-automatic pyronic hybrid rifle, with a standard grenade launcher on the under-side of the main barrel. It is more powerful than the Nailer Rifle and can be used in medium to long range battles. It is usually wielded by higher ranking personnel due to it's expensiveness and power. However it can be used by lower ranks, depending on the faction's military or scenario of the battle. All in all it is a useful and powerful weapon, but with high maintenance, which can occasionally cause problems.

UNSC Remarks

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