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Tuka 'Refum
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9th Age of Reclamation (2539)

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"We were in denial. None of us wanted to admit that the faith our fathers and brothers had fought and died for was nothing but a bright shining lie. We had no one but ourselves to blame for our poverty and disgrace, yet we found new prophets to vindicate our suffering. Jul 'Mdama's words offered us a return to the glories of the past, and those of us who listened walked willingly into the same fire that consumed so many others in the war we had just fought."
―Tuka 'Refum, discussing his split with the Covenant remnant.

Tuka 'Refum was a Sangheili warrior and the younger son of Sesa 'Refumee, the leader of a group of heretics who opposed the Covenant's Forerunner-worshiping religion. Tuka survived his father's death and the subsequent Great Schism that shattered the Covenant and ended the Human-Covenant War. With his family slaughtered, Tuka believed himself to be the last of his bloodline. Orphaned and alone, he was caught up in the factional chaos that tore across Sanghelios in the wake of the schism and eventually found himself drawn to the New Covenant faction. He would remain a loyal warrior to the religious order until an encounter with the exiled Spartans Simon-G294 and Cassandra-G006 caused him to question his beliefs and launched him on a personal quest that was both a spiritual pilgrimage and a concerted effort to discover his people's place in the new galactic landscape.


Early Life

Tuka was born on Sanghelios during the Ninth Age of Reclamation when the Covenant's Great War against humanity was at its peak.

The Great Schism

Warrior of the New Covenant

"Human bullets will avoid Tuka 'Refum's body. Human bullets will avoid Tuka 'Refum's body. Human bullets will avoid..."
―Tuka praying just before a combat engagement.