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Class overview

Triton-class light cruiser


UNSC Logo TGW 2.png UNSC Navy

Preceded by
General characteristics



945 meters


305 meters


223 meters


7.8 million metric tons

Engine unit(s)
Slipspace Drive

Mark XI Macedon/Z-PROTOTYPE #82372HDS SFTE

Slipspace velocity

3,718 lightyears/day (Theoretical)

Power plant
Sensor systems

Hyperscanner array

Navigation system

620 sailors

Additional information
  • Escort
  • Light carrier
  • Expeditionary craft
  • Scout
"Fly us right into the centre of that remnant fleet, because I know that nothing save hell itself will stop us from coming home!"
―Cpt. Arthur Windzor

The Triton-class light cruiser (hull classification symbol: CL) is a line of cutting-edge cruisers that were utilised by the UNSC Navy in the immediate aftermath of the Human-Covenant War. Instantly recognisable by its unusual superstructure and adoption of frigate design theory, the Triton-class cruiser is a pioneer; an independent scout that is sent on its own far beyond the borders of Human Space. While this usually limits it to solitary use, its unique qualities ensures it functions well within an existing unit, and as such it can be found as a powerful escort and picket ship for carrier groups.

The Triton-class is an unusual case of a warship as it forgoes existing technologies in favour of newly-released and experimental components, resulting in it becoming one of the most advanced ships in the UNSC fleet. Even its conventional armaments are revisions of previous models, field-testing what may eventually become the standard.



Ships of the Line

Name Hull Classification Symbol Commissioned Destroyed Notes
UNSC Triton CL-213 May 19th, 2557 N/A Lead ship of the class.
UNSC Eleventh Hour CL-214 2557 N/A
UNSC Devil's Own CL-215 2557 N/A
UNSC Spark of Defiance CL-216 2557 N/A
UNSC Foehammer CL-217 2557 N/A
UNSC Stolen Thunder CL-218 2557 N/A
UNSC Futamura CL-219 2557 N/A
UNSC Bad Wolf CL-220 2557 N/A
UNSC Great Escape CL-221 2557 N/A
UNSC Twelfth Man CL-238 2558 N/A Commanded by Captain Markus Ebner, led an extended survey mission into ex-Covenant space and Halo Installations in Operation: INHERENT TURBULENCE.



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