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"What a gift we have been given, a Spartan-II for our own purposes, and unlike Black Team, she would be willing to put a bullet in Halsey's head."
―Admiral Margaret Parangosky upon Toni-014 being cleared for action.

Lieutenant Toni-014, born Antonia Crocetti, is a Spartan-II supersoldier of the United Nations Space Command's Naval Special Warfare Command. Toni would be declared dead as a result of complications which arose during her augmentation procedures. Toni would be placed into cryogenic storage until she could be safely revived, remaining in a limbo between life and death, until 2535, when ONI would successfully revive her. Unlike the other 'wash-outs' who had been marked as deceased, Toni would retain the physical prowess and abilities of a regular Spartan-II.

After her resuscitation, Toni would be recruited into ONI, serving as a field asset under the name Codename: EXCALIBUR. Being tasked primarily with assassinations, asset denial/recovery and covert surveillance and other classified operations. In late 2552, Toni would be reassigned to a reformed Green Team, serving as Green Four, as a part of restructured Special Warfare Group 3. Originally this was seen as a temporary measure until another Spartan-II could become available to replace her, at which point she would return to work directly for ONI. However, following the Human-Covenant war, Toni would request, and be granted a permanent transfer to Green Team, due to a desire to 'reconnect' with her fellow Spartan-II's.


Early Life and Conscription

Antonia Crocetti was born on the human Outer Colony of Capricorn V on July 5th, 2510 to Dante and Marica Crocetti, being their oldest child. Toni she preferred to be called was described as a quiet, yet intelligent child by her parents. In 2516 her parents gave birth to a second child, Nicholas, whom Toni could often be found doting on.

Toni-014 (Conscription)

Toni-014 after her conscription in 2517.

Early in 2517, Toni, utilising her medical records, was identified as fitting the criteria for Doctor Catherine Halsey's SPARTAN-II program. Her supporting school results which included a basic intelligence test identified her as an extremely talented child, which resulted in Toni being marked as a potential candidate for the program.

Shortly after being identified by Doctor Halsey, Toni's home suddenly caught fire, killing her mother and infant brother, whilst her father was gravely injured rescuing Toni, causing him to fall into a 12-year coma. With her parents either dead or hospitalised, Toni was placed into the care of the state. A later investigation blamed the fire on defective wiring present in the house, with the popular theory being that the constructor had cut-corners during construction, though no further inquiries were made.

On September 17, 2517, Toni was abducted by the United Nations Space Command's Office of Naval Intelligence at the age of six to be conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program. Due to her being in the care of the planets overtaxed and uncaring child protection services, her abduction did not require a flash-clone to replace her.



Resuscitation Attempt

ONI Service



Due to the covert nature of ONI operations, Toni would primarily use models of the MJOLNIR: Black variant of the MJOLNIR platform, beginning with the Mark IV model in early 2536, before transferring to a set of Mark V in 2551. Consisting of an Operator helmet with a CNM attachment and silver visor, FJ/PARA shoulders and knees, a UA/Multi-Threat chest rig, and a Tactical/TACPAD wrist attachment.

Following the Battle of Reach and her reassignment to Green Team, Toni was temporarily reequipped with a set of Prototype MJOLNIR Mark VI HAYABUSA armour. Due to damage sustained to her set of Mark V Black armour, and the reduced protection the armour provided compared to regular MJOLNIR, due to needing to make room for the armours stealth systems.

After the war, Toni's armours HAYABUSA armour was traded for a dedicated MJOLNIR Gen 1/2 hybrid armour, using new Gen2 technologies in a Gen1 style shell, outfitted like her original Black armour, though without the expensive stealth coating.

 Battle Honours

  • Battle of Reach (2552) - ONI
  • Battle of Earth (2552) - Green Team



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