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Timothy Vanderhoeven during a training exercise.
Timothy Vanderhoeven
Biographical information


Date of birth

September 7, 2571

Date of death


Physical description

Lance Corporal




6' 1"



Hair color


Eye color



Marksman Glasses


UNSC Standard Neural Interface/Special Forces (SNI/SF)

Medical Status


Chronological and political information

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, Non-Commissioned Officer

Notable Facts
  • Displays traits characteristic of a psychopath (i.e. Lack of empathy, outwardly charming)

"I'm in the service because I get paid to shoot things. You don't get that in a civilian life."
―Timothy Vanderhoeven

Early Life

Timothy Vanderhoeven displayed early signs of psychopathic behavior, always getting in to trouble, rebellious behavior, and tendency towards violent solutions. The tension in his large family steadily rose and rose until he snapped at the age of 8. One day he pulled out his father's service M6D and took his parents hostage. Two hours later the situation was resolved when he let his guard down and allowed several SWAT members to subdue him. He gave up without any further incident, and was placed in to a mental hospital, where he was forced to undergo intensive gene therapy. When he was thirteen, he was deemed safe to return to society, and released in to a foster home for mentally unstable adolescents.

Teenage Years

Timothy's teenage life was fraught with mischief and sexual promiscuity. While he was never brought to justice for any of his actions, many attest to him sneaking rifles out of people's houses in the middle of the night and hiding them in the woods. He would then, supposedly, hunt with them, a hypothesis that was supported whenever he brought fresh meat home to the family. His foster parents never questioned the source of the food, having been in a financial crisis beginning just after Timothy joined their family. No correlation has been found between their issues and his mental faculties. At the age of 17 he joined the UNSC Marines as a Private, having been deemed mentally stable.

Military Career

Despite the failure of psych exams to say otherwise, Timothy Vanderhoeven continues to display psychological behavior that is on par with a serial killer. Several psychiatrists have hypothesized that he is allowed to channel this energy out while on missions, and keeping him in the military would be the best course of action.

Timothy is a skilled marksman, but it is often difficult to find a spotter willing to tolerate his calmly violent behavior. Suggestions have been made that a spotter be found that has done a lot of work with Spartans. On the other hand, he appears to function just fine outside of combat. Long term missions seem to have no effect on this.



This article is about a multiverse character. Many of the events depicted here are not the same throughout the different continua.

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