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Theta-2 Division
Unit Background

High-Risk Sensitive Covert Operations


UNSC Green River Killer

Unit Motto

Servo Silens (Silently Serving)

Unit size

200 personnel

Current Commander

Captain Aaron G. Gibson

Subordinate Units
  • Command (10 agents)
  • Operations (50 agents)
  • Logistics (65 agents)
  • Relations (75 agents)
  • Tactical (20 agents)
Current Status



The Theta-2 Division is a United Nations Space Command Office of Naval Intelligence Section Three sub-cell. It is an extremely well-kept secret within the Office, its existence known only by a very few ONI personnel. It was, at one time, headed by Captain Gibson, an experienced field agent. The Division was charged primarily with the management of the Office's quietly-maintained SPARTAN-II operatives, as well as their transportation, armament, and equipment, not to mention any relevant cover-ups related to their classified missions, but also frequently dabbled in the field of assassination and non-standard asymmetrical warfare operations. Technicians within the unit were the ones responsible for a variety of improvements to the RECON and SCOUT versions of MJOLNIR, integrating operative feedback into new prototypes such as the OPERATOR system, which was heavily used by Beta-5's Asymmetrical Action Group and the Headhunter programs.

Known Personnel