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19:22 Local Time - April 19 2554 - Earth

“What do you mean I cannot take anything to cure this?” Samuel furrowed his brow at Vilda after hearing there’s no cure to a cold. “You’re telling me that we can calculate a slipspace jump but not cure a cold?!” She folded her arms and watched as he sneezed and coughed. “Yes.”

His mind still didn’t wrap about the idea since he had never been sick before. All the other times he went to the Medical Officer, he got what he needed to feel better quickly. But the common cold knocked him back and the officer’s advice was to take time. He’s a SPARTAN and considered a vital asset to Section Three’s agenda in the Post-Covenant War conflicts; there had to be something else than time.

“Is there anything else I can do to make this go away faster?” He watched her head nod no. “How long will I have this stupid cold?” “About three days, if you rest and hydrate. Six to seven if you don’t.” She seemed amused by his fit of frustration over this cold, but it also seemed like she was turning into his mother of all things. “Rest and hydrate, you’ll be fine in no time.”

The cookie-cutter response and advice annoyed him to no end. He received biological augmentations to be bigger, stronger, and quicker; yet still got a cold. “Fine, you sounded like my mother when you said that.” She watched him go back to bed and ball up like a teenager frustrated at his parents. “I’ll grab something across the street so you will stop being so miserable.”

Vilda closed the door and left the ONI Office to grab some cough and cold medicine for him even though he already had some from the Medical Officer. She made sure to get him the good stuff, the kind that can knock anyone out for a night of good sleep. Making her way back to his room, she opened it to see him bundled up and coughing.

“I got you some stuff from across the street. This should work for you.” He sat up and looked at the bottle of liquid then back at her. “You sure that’s going to work on me?” “Yes.” She poured him a shot of the medicine and handed it to him. “Swallow it all then drink water.” He rolled his eyes and took the shot of medicine, followed with a sour face and disgusted cough. “Szajs! What did you give me?!”

Samuel reached for the water and tried to get it out of his mouth fast. “It’s a cough and cold medicine that works.” “Where did you get it, Midnight?” “No. Now, go to sleep, you’ll thank me tomorrow morning.” “Fine, see you in the morning.”

He had no other option as Vilda left the room and locked it. By the time his head hit the pillow, he was sleeping soundly.

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